Who Is God?

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  • kes152

    Greetings Dennis Lynn (Den)

    May you have the GREATEST of peace.

    The Spirit within me grieves heavily for you because in one breath you say that you "cannot put God in a box" and yet in the very same breath you preach the God of the Baptist religion (see your webpage). Dearest Den, the Baptist as well as yourself have been fooled by the Adversary. Yes, you do know ABOUT him, however, many of things you teach (especially from that post) came FROM him. It is with the freedom granted me by the Holy Spirit that I am permitted to address one of those things. It is the statement concerning the death of our Lord.

    When our Lord was murdered and hung upon a tree, that was because of OUR own wickedness against him. We acted loosely (perhaps, not all of us) against him because when he came into the world, the men loved the darkness rather than the light. However, our Lord loved us so much that he was willing to come down out of heaven, empty himself of ALL his glory, take the form of a slave and come to be in the likeness of men, and take all our sins into his own body and allow us to hate him and ridicule him and slay him upon a tree. He did this, that by means of being made "perfect" AFTER he was resurrected, he now poured out his blood upon us and gave all those who REPENTED of their sins and acted in ignorance, everlasting life.. such life we could not receive from our forefather Adam. It is by means of this Spirit that we are saved and it is by means of this Spirit (not his physical death) that our sins have been forgiven, purged, removed, and atoned for.

  • Robdar

    Kes152, did you used to be a poster known as "Aguest"? Writing styles are so similar I had a case of deja vu.


  • seattleniceguy

    Hey Den, nice to have you on board. You might find it more enjoyable to discuss issues and see things from other viewpoints. That's what a community is for!

    Hope you stick around for a while.


  • kes152

    Hello Robdar,

    I do apologize for sounding like her. No, I am not AGuest, my name is Aaron. I didn't mean to sound like her. I tried to make a screen name with my real name, however, when I log in to JWD, it asks for my email address instead of my screen name when I log in. After I log in it shows my screen name "Aaron." I quit using that screen name because I didn't know that JWD required new screen names to log in under their email address. Since this screen name "kes152" is easier on my flesh to type to log in, I choose this one. If you know of a way I can log in under my screen name Aaron without having to log in using my long email address, I would be most thankful.

    Take care,


  • Crazy151drinker

    Welcome Den

    Thank you for you kind words. Maybe you can help JCanon? Here is his pic:

  • xenawarrior
    God has a "natural", perfectly smooth but big, like that black guy on Mod Squad!! So when you read in the Bible how some seeing visions of God say his "hair is like fine wool" that's what they are saying, they are describing the very smooth and round "natural" he has. It's not long flowing hair.

    I saw God at the Jethro Tull concert in the 70's and he didn't look anything like that !

  • Joe Bloggs
    Joe Bloggs


    Here is his pic:


  • zen nudist
    zen nudist
    Now that you know who God is... The Eternal question... Is He your God? Keep in mind that God already knows your heart and He knows what your going to do with Him today... Your not going to Trick Him, Fool Him, or Surprise Him...

    how can I KNOW who God is just from reading your Belief System [BS]? what you state as FACT about God is just someone elses hallucination, opinion, belief, faith, etc, you have presented absolute ZERO facts... and so knowledge is not something you imparted.

    as to the things you did impart, some of them are flat contradiction to the bible which you claim they represent... as in God being all knowing, [see Genesis 18:20-21], God being perfect [see Exodus 32:14], God being love [see Deut 21]... etc.

    my view, GOD [the Generator Of Diversity] is ultimate reality, which of course has no beginning, is everywhere that exists and unlike your god, is all of us... your god is a jewish myth about GOD and no better than any other cultural myths.

  • Frobrisher

    Remember this rule when debating about God. (or any topic for that matter.)

    "The one who believes the least, always wins."

    Thus the Nilist always win. . . .cause when backed into a corner, it always comes down to "How do you know you even exist?" With no soild way to prove that you even exist, the God question becomes irrelevant. With this kind of circular logic you can at least bring the debate to a draw. And since, being a nilist, you don't believe anything anyhow, a draw is a win!

  • zen nudist
    zen nudist
    "How do you know you even exist?"

    I think Des Cartes gave the best response to that one.... ego cognito ergo sum

    and I would wonder about anyone that can rationally doubt their own existance....

    it seems to me that those who get others to pretend they doubt their own existance are merely shepherds seeking to convert humans into sheep so they can be fleeced and lead to the slaughter...

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