Spiritual Search Had Consequences

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  • LittleToe

    LOL @ Joker - silly child...

  • Sunspot


    I am so sorry that this has happened. What a nasty rotten "religion". I was married in 1967 and startd a "home bible study" in 1969.......and we sure had our rough patches because of my beliefs. We separated three times over the years but managed to pull it together somehow. It's horrendous how something that should bring peace, happiness and closeness in families---actually ends up ripping them apart.

    My best to you,



  • M.J.

    Roy talked about Revelation and how it shows that JWs can't be the only ones with the truth. Does anyone know which passage he is talking about?

  • maybesbabies

    Oh god Roy, I burst into tears reading your site... I'm so sorry you've been through this!!! It makes me so angry!!

  • undercover


    She's the reporter. If anybody reads her column, you will know. I don't know how the Press-Telegram can let her write these tales of hers. her stories only appears on Saturdays. Actually not all of them. BOO!

    I can't tell if you're being serious or sarcastic, but assuming that you're serious:

    Okay, you don't like this reporter. Maybe she doesn't like JWs. Did she falsify the story? Did she print un-truths? Did she misrepresent? Well, lucky for us, the subject of that article is a new poster on this forum. He's already posted once on this thread. Let's ask him. If he says that the story is factual and she didn't misrepresent anything will you then shut the [edit] up?

  • cyber-sista


    This is too sad. You gave up a lot for what you truly believe, but like somebody here told me from the beginning if you are not true to yourself then you are nobody. I too applaud you for standing up for what you truly knew in your heart. The best to you always,


  • justhuman

    Indeed it is a sad story and I feel sympathy for this guy.

    Knowing that sooner or later I will have the same ending. Unfortunately the Witchtower has broken years of friendships and family relations in a way that no other religion has done before.

    I know that sooner or later my family will brake down because of my decision not to support the WT anymore. Four years have gone by since I my research leaded me to find out that WT it is just another False prophet made in U.S.A.

    I don't know how my 2 children will respond to my decision to leave the WT. I love them so much and I really can't tell what will hapened when I will be no longer a Jw.

  • royboy

    M.J. The things that gave me problems with when I was an elder and conducting the "Rev. Grand Climax" book was that all the visions and prophecies seemed to all point to the WTBTS. From the seven trumpet blasts being the seven proclamation at Cedar point Ohio, to the horses being the message we gave out in the form of publications to the two witnesses being the leaders of the Org. who were imprisoned. I couldn't imagine that John was invisioning this one Org. Also the scripture that says that "I am the Alpha and the Omega.....The Almighty. Verses before that and after spoke of Jesus, but the only explaination the book gave was "Wonder upon wonders, Jehovah now speaks.

    Cybs--The article was very well done and very accurate. When I had my booksigning where I live, Three newspapers covered my story of the book. Although I was interviewed, they did get some things wrong and were a little misleading. The article, I feel was one of the best and most accurate. Pamela quoted from my book many times and what I wrote in my book was exactly the way everything happened.My book was meant to be only written for my family to read at some later date when they might be ready. It was meant to be published. I wanted it to be accurate so that they could know what happened behind those closed doors.

    Waybesbabies--- Thanks for your tears. I've shed enough for not only me, but the many who have gone through the same thing. I'm sure Cybs will, if not already, shed his own.

    Jedi--- Thanks for your kind words of encouragement.

    Joker--What can I say about you. I think your screen name says it all.


  • fifi

    Thanks for sharing your story (albeit too common amongst former JWs). This "religion" really is responsible for a lot of heartache. Every time I read another experience from former WT members, it makes me stronger and more determined and comforts me to realise that leaving the org was the best decision I ever made. The truth set me free.

    Thanks again,



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