When being polite is pathetic

by Brummie 43 Replies latest jw friends

  • sinamongurl

    hit a bird once on the way to the meeting

    i cried

  • Xena
    I felt terrible and was a blubbering wreck in the vets surgery and I've still not told the kids it was me. They think some other car did it and I didnt correct them

    Good call on not telling the kids it was you! Tyydyy once gave Bubbles' hampster a chocolate malt ball...don't ask me why....but apparently chocolate isn't good for the little critters We told her it died from old age. There is no need for them to know their parents are killers, eh?

  • DFWnonJW

    can't believe armored-dillo hasn't made the "hit list". I've hit a but a couple of birds in many years of driving and that was bad enough. I've just gotten home from a road trip and saw lots of unfortunate animals (remains) over the last couple of days

  • WildHorses
    I had a young deer hit me once. No kidding.

    Same thing happened to me. Although it wasn't while leaving my driveway. I was rounding a curve when this doe jumps in the road and hit my door taking my side mirror with it. To my amazement the deer lived through it.

    I did kill a gopher once when I was living in MN. I cried.

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