New Ultrasound Technology Showing A Smiling Unborn Baby.

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  • L_A_Big_Dawg

    The knee jerk reaction of the pro-choicers makes me laugh.


  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    WOW!!! That's sooooo cute.

    Technology is awesome!!!


  • Yizuman

    The knee jerk reaction of the pro-choicers makes me laugh

    Not for me, their reaction makes me sad.


  • L_A_Big_Dawg

    Well, Yiz in my mind it's a totally laughable position.

    Have you read any of Scott Klusendorf's articles on abortion?

    Pretty powerful stuff. I have yet to see a pro-abortionist respond to his arguements.


  • Yizuman

    Have you read any of Scott Klusendorf's articles on abortion?

    No, I don't believe I have, got a link handy? Meanwhile I'll go google it.


  • kls

    Can't we just be amazed at this technology and not bicker over abortion.

    Let it rest, some believe in it some don't ,so just drop it.

  • L_A_Big_Dawg

    Stand to Reason


  • Crazy151drinker

    Hey Yiz,

    Your Condom article is full of sh*t.

    A majority of the hands went up. Then, she asked how many in the room would have sex with an AIDS-infected partner using a condom. Not one hand went up.

    Well duh. I wouldnt knowingly have sex with an AIDS-infected person either. Unless you are married to the person, who in the Hell would? That is a worthless point. I wouldnt sleep in a pile of Anthrax either even if I had the Vacination. Doesnt mean the Vacination doesnt work, but why risk it? Nothing is 100%. Then again Magic Johnson must be doing something right.

    Well guess what Yiz, here is a fact for you

    You cannot say:

    If you use a condom with an AIDS-infected person you will get AIDS.

    You CAN say:

    If you DONT use a condom with a AIDS-infected person you WILL get AIDS.

    That worthless article is thrown around like gold by the Anti-Condom "just wait" crowd who stick their heads in the sand and say "Well, Im sorry all those Africans are getting AIDS, they should have waited till they got married"

    The CDC, the AIDS Council, and every other RESPECTED orginization reccomends Condom usage. Its only the Nut Jobs who say "Dont use them" and insinuate "They dont work anyways against AIDS"

    Dont throw that Micron balony around either.

    Edited to Add:

    Amazing how Condoms also stop the spread of Syphilis and other STDs.........

    Tell me Yiz, where is your "Condoms dont stop STD's either" post??

    I guess we shouldnt use Condoms! Lets go spread some STDs!

    Funny how a bunch of Priests, Bishops, Pastors, and a Pope can go around telling people about Condoms when they dont even have sex, never had sex, arnt allowed to look at chicks, and Have NO EDUCATION when it comes to Health Matters. They studied the BIBLE all their lives and THEY CANT EVEN GET THAT RIGHT!

    I let the Health Dept handle my Condom Information thank you.

  • Abaddon


    My standard, don't have an abortion unless the life of the mother is in jeapardy.

    Look, either the unborn is the equivalent of a new born or it isn't.

    If you think abortion is wrong, think that. It's your right. But at least try to have a logically consistent argument.

    If you REALLY think abortion is wrong, the logical concequence is that the possible death of the mother, rape or even incest would be no reason for the abortion as an 'innocent' would be punished for no fault of its own.


    No, it's because you combine willful stupidity with arrogance, and I am particularly disgusted by that combination.

    AH... come on, give Yiz credit for the responses he makes like the one he made to me. I'm exasperated at times, but it is not often someones fault they don't know something.


    I don't know if you realise, but that article validates my claim you present data about latex gloves (completely different quality checking process) to cast doubts on the effectiveness on condoms.

    Pores or holes 5 microns in diameter have been detected in cross sections of latex gloves.

    Ah, gloves have holes in them.

    (A micron is one-thou-sandth of a millimeter.) Latex condoms will generally block the human sperm, which is much larger than the HIV virus.

    But HIV is only 0.1 micron in diameter. A 5-micron hole is 50 times larger than the HIV virus. A 1-micron hole is 10 times larger. The virus can easily fit through. It's kind of like running a football play with no defense on the field to stop you.

    In other words, many of the tiny pores in the latex condom are large enough to pass the HIV virus (which causes AIDS) in its fluid medium.

    And here is, what we shall call for simplicities sake, 'the lie'.

    Having provided NO DATA regarding pore size in condoms they use data from a different product with different testing to cast doubts on condom effectiveness.

    Now, if you've not been through an academic background or got yourself out of a cult, you might not pick up on the trick they try to pull, because it's quite a clever trick. BUT to not call it for what it is when you see it or have it shown to you means you are accepting distorted facts with prior knowledge they are distorted. Truth need not lie.

    As for effectiveness, here's some studies;

    As a trainee teacher I have actually known people with learning disabilities (if one accepts the communication difficulties experienced by deaf people in the hearinbg world as a learning disability; to be fair I think it's an issue of resources as there's nothing wrong with a deaf person's brain) so don't worry. I've also had a dyslexic girlfriend and know intelligence and the ability to absorn data are not lstrictly linked.

    In essence, you believe that at the moment of conception a egg becomes "ensouled", and that this is not just the process of sperm meeting egg, there is some NON physical going on.

    Given that, the belief even a fertilised egg has an 'immortal soul' means one wouold HAVE to believe abortion was wrong, as indeed the fertilised egg would have the same soul as a new born.

    Please correct any errors I have made in stating your case, they are accidental if there are any.

    Now, it is fine for you to believe that. But you are not able to prove that your belief in this regard is reality.

    If one does not believe that a newly fertilised egg is 'ensouled', then it is a different kettle of fish.

    ONLY when a fetus has developed to the point where it has something approaching the complexity of a new-borns brain is it in any way comparable with a new born in terms of wht makes humans distinct from other animals - our brain.

    I am not 'making it up' when I say a pet rat has more brain and associated tissue than a 12 week-old human fetus.

    Outside of fairy tails, where little animals and 3" tall humans are as smart as a normal sized human with a large brain, it is impossible for the activity which MAKES us human to occur in a tiny brain.

    Personally speaking, anything much over this level of development (say 16 weeks) becomes an increasingly difficult choice, as the fetus is becoming increasingly complex. Most current legal limits are probably a little high other than in circumstances of PROFOUND disablement (and deafness isn't a profound disablement, not in the terms I mean) or a life-threatening problem with the mother's health.

    All the best and thank you for a reasonable and balanced reply. I use the vocabulary I have and use language the way I do because I have it and I enjoy having it. If I make what I say obscure by it, then let me know. I'm interested in communicating not in showing off.

  • LittleToe

    NIce pics. The wonders of modren science, indeed

    Yiz / Gyles:
    I'm not going to comment on the debate, but I would like to commend you both on the level of maturity that you've shown each other in your last mutual posts.

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