"We do't believe in war."

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  • Schizm
    Satan is behind the wild beast with seven heads and ten horns Rev 13:1 (which represents the dominating or world poilitcal powers throughout history). His [the dragon] having diadems on each head shows that he excercises rulership over each ruling power. Over the whole world really. -- justaman http://e-watchman.com/cafe/viewtopic.php?t=326

    The person who wrote the above no doubt sees the dragon's 7 heads (Re 12) as paralleling the beast's 7 heads (Re 13). The fact that the dragon has a diadem upon each of its 7 heads shows that Satan has ruled each of the heads of the wild beast. Yes it's quite clear then that Satan has exercised control over the governments who have held Universal Rule, down to the present time. This is one good reason for which true Christians properly avoid becoming involved in the politics and wars of the nations, there not being even as much as one nation that is free of the devil's controlling influence. Of course Christendom isn't able to understand this simple point as to why the dragon has 7 diadems. Just shows how deprived she is of having God's spirit. In view of the above, it's for good reason that Jehovah's Witnesses do not salute the national emblem (flag) of ANY nation. Is not the person who does salute the flag in reality honoring the rule (throne) of Satan himself? What person would knowingly want to do such a thing? Certainly not I. This also helps to explain why Jehovah's Witnesses are wise in their refusal to practice interfaith, wouldn't you agree? .

  • Schizm
    You agree with a manman.

    The owner of the e-watchman site is indeed a mad man, I know that for a fact. But I haven't yet found reason for judging the author which I was quoting as also being off his rocker.

    Anyways, there are many interpretations of the "Diadems" on the head of the dragon, each sounding more far out than the other.

    Aww now, what would YOU know about it?


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