Anybody ever sold anything on line? Can you give me any pointers?

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  • Robdar

    Pseudox, I love that idea. Think I might try it.

  • lisaBObeesa

    I love Ebay.... :) It is great fun. I sell junk and toys on ebay for fun and spending money.

    I would see if any of the plates you are going to sell have sold in the last 60 days on ebay and how much they have gone for. search "completed auctions." That will give you an idea how much you actually will get for them on ebay.

    What kind of plates are they? I would research a little for you if you like...

    copy and paste to see my junk... :)


    (PS I sold all the SPY magazines off ebay, so I ended those auctions early)

  • lisaBObeesa
    I suppose that I can't sell the promotional cds I got when I worked as Music Director at the radio station.

    I see those for sale on Ebay.....why can't you sell them? They are yours, right?

  • avishai

    Set a reserve price. Buy it now is unnecessay IMO unless you really need money quick.

  • Robdar
    I see those for sale on Ebay.....why can't you sell them? They are yours, right?

    Lisa, yes they were given to me by the music reps. But some, not all, do say for promotional purposes only. Hey, now that I think about it, I do have a couple of autographed ones that I can sell. I'll do a search and see if I find plates like mine that have recently been auctioned off. I checked the running auctions and there are none like it that are being offered.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    Avi, I don't need the money right now although it would help with buying books for school or getting a new set of tires. Thank you for your suggestion too.


  • RR

    Yes, my brother use to work for Polygram records in New York City most of my collection say "Promotional Copies not for sale" we use to sell them on ebay. he use to make a killing.

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