Why Have Memorial if...

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  • Sweetp0985

    i know bubbamar and the thing that makes me so upset is they try to make you feel so bad for sidning with them and coming back to the "troof"

  • JCanon

    Yerusalim is correct!

    It gets worse. Not only do the Dubs ignore the Take this ALL OF YOU part, they also ignore scripture that says they should do this

    " Corinthians 11:26For whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord's death until he comes. "

    According to scripture and JW doctrine, they should have stopped celebrating the Memorial in 1914 when Jesus came.

    The memorial celebration is more significant than generally understood, but it was to end when Jesus arrives! It is the fulfillment of the "end of gift and sacrifice" mentioned in the 70 weeks prophecy. This prophecy mentions the end of gift and sacrifice at the middle of the 70th week. This is fulfilled twice, once at the first coming and once at the second coming which also occurs at the 70th week. The "end of gift and sacrifice" at the second coming is the end of the memorial when it ceases to be celebrated. At the first coming, Christ's on death ends the symbolic animal sacrifices.

    Of note though, it is also a reference to the "constant feature" in other prophesies and Jehovahs' witnesses are the only group that celebrates it correctly, that is, once a year at Passover time. Christendom has long corrupted this "memorial" by instituting pagan Ishtar goddess worship when it turns the memorial in a spring fertility pageant celebrated as "Easter Sunday".

    Of note, though, the partaking group of "anointed" and the so-called "other sheep" is an interesting circumstance among witnesses, but is also prophesied in the Bible. The parable about the vineyard workers references the two sub-groups within God's modern organization, that is, the first-hour workers who know in advance about their reward and payment (the "penny"=heaven) and the later workers coming in the third, sixth, ninth and eleventh hours who are simply told they would receive a fair wage. Thus the latter workers, not knowing what they would receive would naturally expect "less" than the full days' wage. Thus the "other sheep" class believed they would be of the "earthly" class and make up the latter workers, whereas the earliest witnesses making up the 1st and 2nd-hour workers understand they are of the heavenly class. But all the workers end up getting the "penny" per the parable, not to the enjoyment of the first-hour workers though, who murmur against them. This merely indicates in the least that the anointed would be surprised by this ending turn of events when the "other sheep" would suddenly become as eligible as they are for the heavenly calling. Even so the "pre-anointing" remains a factor and thus the partaking of the memorial emblems distinguishes the two groups.

    So will the "other sheep" who answer the call of the "anointing" start to partake? No. Why? Because the latter workers don't get "sealed" and "anointed" until after Christ arrives and thus only after the memorial celebration is ended.

    It's all sort of complex but that's the "anointed" take on the memorial right now.


  • Sweetp0985

    it's all too darn confusing..

  • Sunspot

    **" Corinthians 11:26For whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord's death until he comes. "

    I had asked an Elder about this a few years ago.....if Jesus has already come then why do we celebrate the memorial? His answer was that this meant that Jesus would be in full power first....and then the memorial would stop being observed.


  • Sweetp0985

    I thought that this is his 1000 yr reign right now...doesn't that mean FULL power?

  • lurk
    Doesn't anyone find it strange that the ONLY event dubs are allowed to celebrate is an event in which no one celebrates anything? I've been to funerals which are more upbeat than any memorial I ever attended.


    maybe funerals should be banned as the person(dead person) concerned is being the center of attention and bringing undue attention to him/herself just as a person having a birthday does


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