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  • Yerusalyim

    I took the wife and kids to see I, Robot with Will Smith last night....GREAT MOVIE. My son is a real Issac Asimov fan. He said Asimov would have HATED the movie, but that he really enjoyed it.

    Come to think of it, I'd be hard pressed to name a Will Smith Movie I DON'T like. The man has gotten big since doing Ali...I noticed my wife looking a little more than usual.

    There were 25 minutes worth of previews before the start of the movie (I timed it). Is that normal now days...I've been used to 10 or 15 minutes...but if a movie is advertized to start at 7PM and it's 7:25 before "FEATURE PRESENTATION" appears on the screen...somethings wrong...I'm gonna complain to the company (for what good it will do me)

    I HIGHLY recommend the movie.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I love Asimov. I've seen some of the promos for the movie and am a little nervous about seeing the movie although it has been a while since I read the book.

    Maybe I will go now

  • Yerusalyim

    With the exception of a few character names and the "three laws" the movie has NOTHING to do with Asimov's I, ROBOT. Like I said, my son is a HUGE Asimov fan, and he still liked the movie. If you go expecting to see Asimov's book in film form...forget it...if you want to go see a good movie...I highly recommend it..

  • blondie

    Except for the 3 laws, that there is an Asimov character called Susan Calvin, there is not much of Asimov's work here. That is why it says "suggested by" his work in the beginning. But I had a good time.


  • Sassy

    I enjoyed it.. we saw it night before last.

    I preferred Spiderman.. but that is just cause I love the comic book come to life kind of movies..

    This one was very good as well.

  • WildHorses

    We saw it last night also. It was a good movie.

    excuse me, i'm allregic to bullshit
  • gitasatsangha

    It was a good movie. Saw it friday. Then I got to thinking about a movie it superfically reminded me of, so I rented Bladerunner. Damn. No comparison. There's a great movie that really went deeply into stuff that I Robot only touched on, due to having to spend so much time on the action scenes.

  • RandomTask

    well bladerunner is probably in the top 3-5 of sci fi movies

    thats hard to live up to

  • Satanus

    I guess i won't waste my time and money on this movie. I'll just watch blade runner again.


  • Richie

    I will see this movie soon - Also I can't wait to see the follow up of the Bourne Identity. I think it's called the Bourne Supremacy. I love those kind of movies - you literally sit on the edge of your seat, great action and suspense!

    Richie :*)

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