Undaunted Danny's final clicher of WT's best blaspheme

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  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    alt Just my 2 cents but if I was to post what I would consider to be the single most convincing arrogant blunder of the WT(for me in my time) it would have to be below.: When I heard this 'proclamation' I, (and many others at my cong) were convinced that this had to finally be it. Because there just was NO WAY the WT could possibly say no babies again and not have it be the final,real ready rapture. This blunder was what did it for me for all time.It is just so wicked and cruel,because by the time you accept it was a lie it's too late to turn back the biological clock.

    ! ! ALERT ! ! Summer 1990 district conventions Watchtower worldwide mandate.((( This is the same assembly day the Watchtower issued dire warnings not to watch the Simpson's T.V. show )))

    ALERT ! ! DON'T HAVE KIDS ! ! ALERT ! ! It's A Smiley! The Watchtower repeals Almighty God's garden of Eden pro creation mandate.Anyone,besides me?, there to hear that WT$'s dire directive.

    The 'proclamation' was,reiterated in the 'meat and potatoes' pages of the Watchtower magazine,that fall.What a hysteria that started...

    I payed $400.00 dollars to pay for my younger brothers vasectomy,(i already had mine).The 'papal bull' directive alluded to our building of the 'spiritual ark of Noah',and how the adult builders[ Noah and his sons and daughters in law ] didn't board the boat with babies...So because Armageddon is 'just so close' we don't wanna be making babies. Mom And Baby

    They said the SAME thing when i was conceived in 1957.Hey, now i am a guy without maternal wants,but stop and think for a second how many mom wannabes,who where close to menopause,canceled that chance forever, because of some old fart holed up in the WT$ ivory tower,who had male 'mental PAUSE'.

    OH,in 1925 "detox" Joe "jack daniels" Rutherford proclaimed the William Miller's mutated date fixing,MILLIONS NOW LIVING WILL NEVER DIE!!

    When 'detox' Joe had to recant he said,(i read it in the watchtower myself) " I'VE MADE AN ASS OF MYSELF. ""

    NO s**t ASS'WHOLE'!!!

    My background,I was born to pioneer parents in 1957 the same year as the paradise lost to paradise regained book. My parents were reviled for getting knocked up and having a baby,because Armageddon was coming a minute! I was baptized at the tender age of 11 years old in 1967.I had to hurry up and get consecrated to Jehovah,cause Armageddon is coming any minute. 1967 was the year the, life everlasting in the freedom of the son's of God book ( Freddy Franz's masterpiece) was released and had the timetable of the world's end in 1975. Soooo,they just couldn't say NO BABIES and not have it be the final answer,could they? Why aren't there a whole lotta women folk who got robbed of motherhood screaming from the rooftops? Hello! I never had any kids of my own,the WT$ took all my surrogate familys.My DNA is going into oblivion,all because of the WT$ bastards. Countrys have gone to war for less. Undaunted Danny www.DannyHaszard.com Apostate with Attitude The greatest courage is facing the truth and the truth takes no prisoners.

    God hates a coward (Rev.21:8)

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    God hates a coward (Rev.21:8)

    Then He must really love you Danny - you've got guts.

  • Gordy

    How come then between 1975 and 1989 my wife and I had 7 children, and I was a Ministerial Servant and no one said a word about it. Plus when we got married in 1974, we always said we wanted 6 children, no one said a word. The only reason I had a vasectomy was because the last child was unplanned and my wife had a hard pregnancy. In all those years not one JW Elder said a word to us about having so many children or even having children.

  • avishai

    Geez, gordy, does that mean because it never happened to you that it never happened?

  • Brummie

    Gordy didnt you hear the now famous talk "responsible child bearing in this time of the end"? My ex girlfriend and I had already made plans not to have kids in this system due to the frown of the GB and the closeness of armageddon. I'm glad I got out young and had children but I swear if I had still been JW I would not have been a proud dad at this point in life.

    While many JWs chose to have kids anyway, this was due to personal choice and not because they were encouraged to.


  • Gordy


    I didn't say it didn't happen elsewhere.

    Just that with our experience it never once was brought up to me or my wife. The congregation we were in had quite a strong body of Elders, most who had been JW's from the 1940's and 1950's. So they knew past views on having children "in the time of the end". . Also most couples that got married same year as we did went on to have 2, 3, 4 children. Yet as I say again not once did they say or remark about me and others in the congregation about having children. If I remember rightly there was a talk at a convention one year "Responsible Child-bearing in the Time of the End" or similar, later a Watchtower article. It didn't say don't have children just think carefully about it. I think later that year my wife became pregnant with our third child. Even then no one said a word to us.

    What I'm getting at is that from Danny's post above makes it seem as if having children was totally forbidden, or at least frowned upon and discouraged. That its proof that the WT is evil. Yet from attending assemblies and conventions, here in Britain through those years we had our children. The JW's here seem to be going through a baby boom rather than the opposite. In fact I think that period has provided most of the children who have become JW's now. If they didn't have those children the JW's in Britain would be struggling even more to keep numbers up.

    One thing I have noticed from the time I've been looking at this forum. Is that American JW's seem to take things far more seriously (if thats the right word) than over here in Britain. Not saying that some congregation didn't here. But things like, brothers can wear only white shirts, I never wore a white shirt to the Kingdom Hall ever, I hate white shirts. I've worn Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, striped, checked, but never white, and no one ever said a word. In fact often got complimented on my dress. The other one is two door cars, what is it with American JW's and not having two door cars. Be no good over here quite a few of our cars are two door. Smurfs, I nearly fell off my seat laughing when I first came across that one. My kids loved the Smurfs.

    Again as I have said I read things on this forum from American JW's and ex-JW's about what they couldn't do etc. Its quite often put over as if it was a worldwide view or rule for all JW's. Apart from "official WT" rules. I've never in the 30 years I was a JW come across most of them.

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    All I can say is that nothing I post is made up.I have been driving for 31 years without one trafic violation,never any road rage....

    No criminal record,everybody around me likes me and finds me pleasant.I rant against the watchtower because what they have done to my family is nefarious.

    I'm not the only one either,there are over two million exjw's.

    My record of credibility speaks for itself.

  • outoftheorg

    I recall hearing my mom and many of the sisters condeming marriage to begin with and further more the condeming of having children. I recall what was said from the platform and what the book "children" that was issued at the St.Lewis?? assembly had to say about marriage and having children.

    All of it was negative and almost FORBID marriage or children.

    I was around 7 yrs. I think.

    This went on in the 1940's and into the 1950's.

    It is common for those who experienced this to continue the belief, even after it is no longer being published.


    PS DANNY I for one do not doubt your credibility. Keep on keeping on bro.

  • cyber-sista

    I well remember that assembly Danny. The message at this assembly was responsible childbearing in this time of the end. It was discouraging parenthood for sure in their typical JW double think double speak manner as usual .

    After that assembly a sister in our congo got pregnant. Another very influencial judmental sister in the congo started to spread the word around that this sister was being disobiedient to the FDS, which had directed that we do not have children in this time of the end (so this is the message she got out of it). She said more than that too and it was all rather nasty. This upset the pregnant sister greatly and when it was time for the baby shower judgemental sister called me and other sisters and told us that she was not going to the shower because if she felt if she supported this sister who had become pregant that she would be supporting something that was against Jehovah's direction (of course trying to influence us to do the same). It was a rather ugly chapter in my JW chronicles. Most of us ignored her and I went to the shower and most of the other sisters did too, but I admit she brought up the point very strongly and many had discussions about it . But that mandate was there and stated at the assembly to one degree or another and some picked up on it and ran with it for sure. And on a more personal note, I had only one child because i was married to an unbeliever and didn't think it would be wise for me to have more than that (it was discouraged--not outright--but discouraged nonetheless with a woman in my "position"). My hubby turned out to be a wonderful Dad though and we raised up one great kid, but we would've had more if I wasn't a JW. Sometimes I feel ripped off by that one too. I'm with you on this one Danny...I remember it all too well.

    PS. I love the Simpsons and have a whole year episode of them on DVD!!! Great intelligent comedic commetary on the American lifestyle. I imagine the FDS consided it too "thought provoking" as it interferred with their "no thinking allowed" policy

  • Soledad

    I attended a Spanish congregation, all my years as a JW. When I first came to this board and read about the experiences different members had in their congregations, I found it quite shocking. I know that in my congregation child-bearing was absolutely encouraged. Impossible to tell Latinos not have children; our core values are very family-oriented, and it is in latino communities that you will see extended family members all living together and grandparents doing most of the child raising. Also, Latinos love to meet in large groups, so even among JWs large group gatherings were commonplace. I remember the COs who visited our congregations were all gringos who had learned Spanish. They never had much success in implementing American values on Latinos when it came to JW doctrine. Makes you wonder why the WTS never encourages Latino elders and MS to become COs and DOs.

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