Jehovah's Witnesses really are JERKS

by roybatty 29 Replies latest jw friends

  • roybatty

    Very early this morning I was driving to work. I live out in the country so usually it's rare to see anyone walking down the road esp. at 6:30 in the morning. If you do see someone walking on these back-country roads, it almost always means that their car broke down. Sure enough, I see this guy walking. As I get closer, I realize it's a JW (now an elder) that I've known for many years. Not knowing what to do I drive past him but I quickly realize that I'm being a jerk by not stopping. So I turn around, drive back and pull up next to him. I roll down the window and ask "WIlliam, do you need a ride?" He turns his head, gives me this sneer, doesn't say a word, looks away and keeps walking. I just shook my head, rolled the window up and went on my way. Here's the funny part. After driving about 2 - 3 miles I see his car parked on the side of the road.....right in front of the Kingdom Hall! lol.

  • XQsThaiPoes

    He in not a jerk he is an idiot. He is an elder so he can associate with anyone.

  • simplesally

    Actually, I think the 'rule' is that only the members on the JC committee are supposed to be able to be in contact unless he is out of the territory or the others have stepped aside............ but he is still a jerk!

  • yesidid

    I agree that particular Witness is a jerk.


  • roybatty

    A simple "no thank you" would suffice. Makes me wonder what would have happened had it been my car that was broken down. He probably would have gone "Ooops" and ran me over. One less person for Jehovah to destroy at Armagedon.

  • talesin

    What a sad story. :(

    Someone turned away a hand offered in kindness. You must have felt really bad.


  • shamus

    But just remember; they have 'the troof' and the 'troof' set him free. He's in spiritual paradise... er um... delusion land...

  • kls

    He musta been waiten on Jehovah for a ride .

  • LoverOfTruth

    I know it must have been difficult but you did the right thing by stopping.

  • BeautifulGarbage

    It was the right thing to do to stop and offer a ride. Poor guy. I mean that, really. Poor dude out there shlepping those rags around getting rejection after rejection.

    Probably thinks his refusal got him another gold star by his name in ole Jehovah's book. At least the day brought SOMETHING for him.

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