How many near death scary stuff happened to you?

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  • dh

    i've been in a lot of car accidents as passenger and i never wear a seatbelt, some have been bad ending up with car on its side and totally wrecked, but i have never been hurt.

    i was once flying down the highway on my bike last year, at about 160 mph , i was trying to see how fast i could go (as you do) and someone pulled out on me, i came within inches of me hitting them at that speed, so i guess i would have been dead, it was one of those adrenaline rushes.

    then there was this time a herd of cows chased me, ha ha ha

    another thing which was this year when i was in africa i was out in the ocean in a bit of a sharky area, and i saw fins, i didn't know what to do, then as they came closer there were more, i realised they were dolphins, about 40 of them they came right by me and all sides, that was quite unnnerving because they are big up close.

    i'm sure i have been near death through lack of sleep too, one time i didn't sleep for a long time and was so messed up that i started hallucinating and seeing the basil rathbone sherlock holmes standing in the doorway, that was when i knew i needed to sleep, i also remember having total memory loss that night, it was like amnesia and like my brain could not absorb anything, did not know who i was or where i was, this was more scary than anything because i did not know if it was really happening, it was bad, in the morning when i woke up i had to ask the girl i was with if i had really been that gone, and i had, that scared me more than anything else.

  • bem

    When I was around twelve yaers old I went river rafting/tubing with my brother and his family on the Palo Verde River near Phoenix,Az. and the tube I was on got caught in a whirlpool and I was pulled under! one of the guys with us pulled me out and we went on had a lot of fun...A while later ,My mom mentioned peoples life flashing before there eyes when they are in near a death episode. I could vivdly recall everything I "seen" it seemed like a lot too, in such a short period of time.

    Then my youngest son has had to have lots of therapy for speech,occupational,physical etc. We always had to drive a long ways to get to the therapist. Then with work also and lack of sleep. I fell asleep driving and the car ran off the road I woke up before it completely left the hi-way.after that one of the older kids would go with us to help drive.

  • wokeup

    The first one I remember was in 1967, we lived next to the Southern Pacific Railroad tracks in East Menlo Park. I was goofing around on the tracks that shift next to the Bay about a half mile north of the old Dumbarten Bridge and an approaching train caused the tracks to move and pinned my foot. As the train bore down on me I thought I was a goner. As the train engineer jammed on the brakes I was hysterical . At the last second I pulled my foot out of the shoe and fell back onto the rocks. Needless to say, I never did that again.

    In 1969 a friend of my dad who had a fishing boat had invited us to go fishing with him that Saturday off the San Francisco coast. The day before my mother had a bad feeling about it and backed out. Late the next day, word reached us that his boat had capsized and his body and another companion washed ashore.

    Many more close calls over the past 35 years, I try to forget them.



  • wokeup

    How can I forget, I almost perished in a house fire 40 years ago.

  • wokeup

    The flood of memories is pouring in, almost drowned at a Labor Day picnic in 69, nearly decapitated in 75, hit by a car in 76, nearly plummeted to my death coming down the Santa Cruz mountains on Hwy 17 with total brake failure one night in 78. Memory lane is killing me. Gotta stop while I'm ahead.


  • fraidycat9

    Should've been gone about 6 years ago.

    Consider myself living on "borrowed" time. Still wondering what I'll owe when it's time to pay up. I suspect that many of us had close calls and we don't even realize that we did. Like: Turning down another street instinctively and apparently for no reason; only to find that a major accident had occured on the street you normally traveled and that you would have been in the thick of things. Leaving a store, when you had planned to shop a little longer, only to discover that 20 minutes later a deranged lunatic sprays the place with bullets; killing some and injuring others. The variables are unpredictable as well as endless.

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