have you done things BECAUSE they were condemned by the WTS?

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  • doogie

    hey guys,

    since leaving, has anyone done anything specifically BECAUSE it was condemned by the society?

    - i went and got a tattoo (i had wanted one anyway, but REALLY enjoyed it since it was a no-no...i'm getting a big'n next week...)

    - i tried smoking (didn't much care for it, but felt i ought to give it a go anyway)

    - i grew a goatee (again, wanted this anyway, but take special pride in it now)

    i was just curious. -- doogs

  • Sweetp0985

    Doogie I did pretty much the same things you did

    * Got a tattoo

    * Tried smoking cigarettes and didn't like the taste, but very seldomly I still might inhale a Black&Mild

    * As much sex as possible (That was only for a short while, Imma good girl now)

    * Went to a New Year's Eve party and actually got drunk

    * Celebrated Christmas....I have all the trimmings even the angel for the top

    * Going to church as much as possible...and guess what...I didn't get struck with lightening

    * Many other no-no's that I can't remember right now

    * I also have donated blood and plasma when short on money

    * Watched many many demonic movies such as Scooby-Doo, Star Wars(the force is demonic ya know), all the Child's Play movies(people laughed at me in high school because I had never watch Chucky)

  • cyber-sista

    I bought a windchime and some incense--always wanted a windchime, but some JWs around here thought they may "stumble" some weak in the faith.

  • kls

    I also got a tattoo , but no matter what you do is against the Wettower.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I have worn a beard ever since I left.

    I have celebrated birthdays, thanksgiving, christmas and other holidays.

    I display the flag of my country on national holidays.

    I have purchased -- and ATE -- girl scout cookies.

    I have associated with people of sexual persuasions other than my own.

    I have saluted the flag of my country, recited the Pledge of Allegiance and sang the National Anthem.

    I have dressed in costumes on Halloween, distributed candy to little kids and scared the living squirt out of teen agers.

    I participated in a memorial service for the astronauts of the Challenger disaster.

    Driving past a military base, I saluted a group of soldiers in a truck on manuvers. They saluted back.

    I am a twice ordained minister in the universal life church.

    I buy lottery tickets periodically.

    I have contributed to the mad men of the Church of the Subgenius.

    I have donated blood several times.

    I have participated in Zen meditation.

    I "associate" with disfellowshipped persons.

    I swear like a fother mucking sailor when I'm angry or kidding around.

    I have practiced the arts of war - firearms and hand-to-hand.

    I have donated money to political and social causes that I believe in (and once, by accident to one I didn't).

    I have consistently participated in the politcal process by voting.

    I have a library of books on the occult and demonism, and various divination aids.

    I have supported the "worldwide apostate work" with my efforts and my wallet.

  • doogie
    As much sex as possible

    i'll admit to getting drunk a time or two as well. i've always had as much sex as possible even before i left...which ended up being "not so much"...and by that i mean...umm...well, none.

  • doogie

    oh yeah! i do have a fairly serious gambling problem too! (not really...i don't have a good enough job to gamble too much. but someday, i will...it's a little goal of mine.)

  • kls

    So you are trying to tell us you are a Virgin. ,,,,, lol

  • doogie
    So you are trying to tell us you are a Virgin. ,,,,, lol

    laugh it up, laugh it up. i've since remedied the problem. (turns out i needed a girl!)

  • kls

    Doggie , you should see the tears running down my face , OMG that was perfect. LOLOLOL

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