have you done things BECAUSE they were condemned by the WTS?

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  • Cicatrix

    Yeah, I live a normal life and am a contributing member of society now.

    I did get my belly button pierced as an act of defiance when I was on my way out, though. It was my Declaration of Independence;)

  • seattleniceguy

    I don't really do anything just because it's condemned by the WTS. If anything, I was a little hesitant to try some things because of the indoctrination, and had to finally do them in spite of the WTS training. I subsequently found them to be great of course.

    Perhaps the thing that would be most shocking to those who knew me previously is that I've now been known to use a little herb on occasion. I'm just beginning to really understand it...in that groovy kind of way. And I made an incredible discovery last night: listening to music while stoned is totally, insanely, mind-blowingly AWESOME!!

    SNG, of the "far out, man" class

    And for those lurkers out there: Here's a great collection of articles from a good source on the true effects of pot (summary: it's totally cool in moderation): http://www.newscientist.com/hottopics/marijuana/marijuana.jsp

  • Woman know your place
    Woman know your place

    these days I do what I like for my own reasons, but when I first left I rebelled against just about everything i could think of, i mean i had casual sex, tried out lesbianism, got my belly button pierced, lied, swore, gambled, drank heavily, took up smoking, wore outrageous clothing, took drugs.... until I got it all out of my system.... not th emost mature response, but i was 17 and had never even kissed a guy or tried alcohol, so I thought I had to 'catch up'.... I don't regret going so wild, you learn from your mistakes....

    These days i believe in 'everything in moderation'.... and I have my own 'code of conduct' as far as what I believe to be right and wrong, which I follow...

  • Lecari12RuleU

    "I did get my belly button pierced as an act of defiance when I was on my way out, though. It was my Declaration of Independence.".......that's excatly what I'm plannin on doing here soon. I've wanted one for 8 years. I'm also planning on getting a tattoo around January. I've already picked it out, a sexy fairy on my lower abdomen/groin area, to hide around the family. Let's see, what have I tried so far? Been in a threesome, with another chick. Gotten drunk, but who hasn't at least once? Been doing that every so often for a few years now though. Just recently started smoking, but only one cig. about every other weekend, usually a Sat. night on the porch. Don't want to get addicted. Oh yeah and listen to "evil music" like Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie, the "demon worshipers!" and watch VERY rated R movies, hell porn even. It's all good. :) Very releasing.....indeed. I base a movie on if I'm looking forward to seeing it by what the rating is: (R for Nudity, language, sexuality, drug use), hell, that's my kind of movie!!!!! lol. Really the tattoo (or 2) and some piercings and some pot to try someday, when I can get hold of some are all that's left of my rebellious longings (for now)......it gives me something to look forward to. :)

  • Rabbit

    That's funny...I was just saying to someone the other day, "I think I'm gonna try and do...at least once...every single thing the WatchTower has condemned."

    Would I really...? No, of course not. But, I have done several things that I no longer see as wrong or immoral...in THEIR eyes. And still I can know I am a good person. I am free...

  • Gozz
    Sometimes things the WTS condemns aren't good for you, like smoking.

    I did do a smoke one day with a friend; I'd always liked the smell of that brand; it wasn't a memorable smoke, but it wasn't bad either. Now, the WTS is eternally stupid for condenming an average of one stick in a year. When JWs come up with arguments like "... smoking's not good for you, and we condemn it...." you just get a small laugh because that isn't exactly the issue. Do I have a right to a smoke? How much worse is a stick in a very long while than the smoke from walking the streets?? .

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