Convention Drama creeps out JWs?

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  • Dogpatch

    If anyone gets a recording of it, or even a part of it with the sounds. I'd love to put it up online.


  • minimus

    Blondie might be able to check this out but as I recall, we were warned not to imitate or give the demons any real mention....I'm not expressing it in the right way but this seems vs. things I've read before!

  • XQsThaiPoes

    How is this drama okay and watching buffy is not? Plus buffy is hotter than paul.

  • Elsewhere

    lol... they just love to play on people's superstitions.

  • CaptainSchmideo

    Actually, I saw this drama before, back in the 70's. It was better than the average drama, since it was based on the events of Paul's life as covered in Acts. Paul get's blinded on the road to Damascus, Paul get's to prove Jesus has more powerful magic than the Jewish magicians, Paul gets stoned, Paul excorcises demons, gets in trouble with the owner of the slave girl ("thanks for nothing, pal, now I'm broke because of you!"), etc.

    The voice was done by weird echo-reverb-dual voice sound effects. This was better than the first time I saw this as a kid (creepy back then too!). What was really laughable was the sound effect for the scales falling from Paul's eyes; sounded like Tinker Bell sprinkling her magic pixie dust (no lie!).

    So they screw up this drama by having Irving the Explainer give a 15 minute follow up talk afterward, covering all the main points and beating them to death. This is where I dozed off again.

    Anyway, beats the standard dramas of late with a bunch of people sitting on a couch, waving there arms around like they were declaiming the works of Wm Shakespeare. (Ad agency execs have a term for this in TV commercials; it's called "Two C's in a K" (as a matter of fact, that's probably what they would call the number 3 and 4 talks where the sisters give the part....)).

    Anyway, enjoyed the nap time I got from the assembly. And did you know that Sam Herd sounds a lot like the actor Wallace Shawn (that's Rex the Dinosaur from "Toy Story")

  • wannaexit

    Yes the demon posessed girl in the drama was pretty scary.

    She was dressed in black and her hair was dishevelled and her words were in a plural voice. To me it sounded like the borg from star trek. My hubby said is was more like the exorcist.

    Maybe the governing body watched the exorcist and borrowed the idea from it.

    It definitely brought a chill down your back..


  • Lehaa
    I would like to know ,what they are trying to accomplish by scaring the crap out of kids. They are Nuts, i mean it. Those poor kids going home and having nightmares of satan taken them over. Those idiots never fall to amaze me, no wonder they have a high rate of mental problems.

    I had a friend that had to stop reading the bible stoires boo to her kids at night because it gave them nightmares. Scary dramas yuk, I suppose if my kid started to get scared and scream averyone would just took as if it was real cute that they were scared.

  • myself
    If anyone gets a recording of it, or even a part of it with the sounds. I'd love to put it up online.

    Thanks Randy, that would be great! Hmmm wonder if it could then be set into the sound system at the K.H. and set to go off during a key moment.

  • minimus

    The real point is-------WATCH OUT 4 THE DEMONS!!!!!!!!

  • kls

    Could you sat that a little louder Mini.,,,,LOL

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