Charles T Russell -a freemason and the connection to the illuminati...

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  • bartpcb

    It is unquestionable that Russell / Rutherford and all the others were wrong in their conclusions of 'The Truth'. The society that they founded has developed into a huge mind control machine and has it's members well and truly duped. The harm that this organization has done to thousands of families is unmeasurable. They are of course merely apostates following apostates and will eventually wither away, because what they used to be able to keep secret, can so easily now be displayed in the public forum of the internet.

  • Confusedandangry

    I know the original post is 13 years old but I am so deep into a new rabbit hole regarding the Elite/Illuminati theories and was unable to find recent posts. Can anyone here please tell me their thoughts on this topic? If CTR was really involved w/Freemasons and if the Rotchilds helped fund the JWReligion then that would mean the WT Society is part of the whole New Order plan? For those of you who have never heard of the Elite's Global agenda, SRA (satanic ritual abuse), MKUltra mind control, CERN's LHC, Bohemian grove, pizzagate you will probably not connect the dots. And I won't go into detail because I have learned awful things I wish I never had. But for any of you out there that have done research on this I'd love to hear your thoughts.

    I know I will probably sound like a crazy person to most of you! 😜

  • cofty
    I know I will probably sound like a crazy person to most of you!


    Russell was a charlatan but he was not a Mason. The end.

  • vienne

    Answered in detail before. Russell was not a Mason, had no connection to the Rothschilds, did not know of anything called the Illuminati. Giving a speech in a rented masonic hall did not make him a Mason. He is not buried under a pyramid. He is not buried in a Masonic cemetery. His belief in the significance of the Great Pyramid came from P. Smyth not Masons.

  • Londo111


    Except he was buried under a pyramid. It's true that the pyramid isn't technically his gravestone, it is the most prominent feature nearby.

  • _Morpheus

    Correct. There is a pyramid nearby but it was errected 5 years after his death and he is buried about 30 feet away. Anytime i have to hear about rothchild conspiracies my eyes just cannot role hard enough.

    And I won't go into detail because I have learned awful things I wish I never had.

    translation= your a fucking wack job and know you will throughly slapped around (figuratively) and dont want to expose yourself to redicule.

    and “pizzagate”, you fucking wing nut, almost cost innocent people their lives in my neck of the woods. I believe hillary is dirty and guilty of a lot in her long political career (id bet all life long politicians are) but child prostitution isnt one them.

  • hothabanero

    I am beginning to think Pizzagate was a false flag operation meant to distract from the (very real and very creepy) things Hillary and Bill have done over the years, as well as a way to draw attention away from the murder of Seth Rich, who by all accounts appear to be deeply involved in the so-called "DNC hack".

  • sparrowdown

    Russell was a funny bugger with a pyramid fetish but I don't think he was involved in "pizzagate."

    PS. Back then he had his own "miraclewheatgate" to deal with.

  • JustHuman14

    Well, lets put it this way since I do have many of Russell's and Booze Jo's original books.

    Is not quite clear that he was a Freemason, but from the public talks he gave he seemes to like them. OK I agree that he was using all the Masonic symbols, he was deep into the Occult and Pyramidology but still there isn't any real solid evidence that he was member of the Freemasons.

    For me is enough the fact that he was deeply involved into the Occult and this obvious by the early WT teachings that he was responsible. If he was a Freemason is something we will never be able to find out

  • vienne

    In what way was Russell "deeply involved into the occult"? And what masonic symbols did he use?

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