Did you wear your badge outside the convention, so as to "give a witness?"

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  • blondie
    I always pinned in on my dress and then put the matching jacket on. It looked like I had no badge on but all I had to do is flip back my jacket if questioned.

    Otheriwise it came off as soon as I got to the vehicle. No wearing it to the restaurant or hotel for me. I figured the identifying mark of a true Christian was not a piece of paper 2 x 3.

    From ozziepost's weekend poll #77.

    Ooh, how I hated those badges.

    We would go back to the room and make a reservation for around 6:30 and then change into our fun clothes.


  • freedom96

    Are you kidding me????

    Where that badge outside the meeting? Hello no!

  • truthseeker

    At the convention at Nassau this past weekend, you had to show your badge to the attendants to get free parking (on a donation basis) else you would pay the full rate.

    I took mine off as soon as I exited the indocrination chambers.

  • Confucious

    I wore it.


    And I also got on the case of other "brothers" that didn't wear it.

    See. Even when it came to stuff like this.

    I'm telling you.

    If the GB said to wear it, I would.

    And it REALLY bothered my conscious if I didn't.


    The memories!!!

  • RandomTask

    I would usually put it on my jacket and then conveniently leave my jacket in the car.

  • Pinned Blouse
    Pinned Blouse

    Well of course I wore mine, what more can a woman ask for than have more holes from the badge on their blouse? lol

  • Larry

    "when going to a restaurant or some place else, so we could "give a witness."

    Yeah, that was me :-(

    Peace - LL :)

  • Piph

    Hehe...I did Blondie's trick. I would take mine off at the restaurants, but the people I was with were always like, "Where's your badge?" Then I'd act like I was just kind of spacey about the whole thing (not hard to do) and put it back on again with a vague apology while acting confused. Inside, thinking, Damn! Foiled again.

  • Xander

    Always wore it. Ruined a lot of otherwise okay suits that way. Not like I wore suits anywhere other than in service and to the halls, but, ya know...it's the principle of the thing!

    BTW, AFAIK, they *always* said to always wear them.

  • 4JWY

    - no -

    but when I was a kid in the late 60's we always had a WA taped up on the car windows as we drove to the assembly and thought it was so cool to beep and wave at others when we spotted their WA in the window!

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