Sex, Demons, and Jdub Kids

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  • gitasatsangha

    This may have already been posted before, but there is a very good article at which talks about JW kid publications (esp the most recent) and their attempts to link demonology into the sex urge to frighten children.

    Here is the link and i will also imbed it

  • gitasatsangha

    If someone here wrote that article, and I didn't give you credit, I apologize. It's very well written, and I thought it deserved a bit of attention.

  • badboy

    With rubbish like that, who needs the normal kind of household rubbish?

  • Tatiana

    I remember my mother telling me this bull. Talk about messing up a child's head. How could you ever be normal (whatever "normal" is) sexually, if you grow up thinking this way?

  • LongHauler

    That well written article and the accompanying blog was written by one Jan Haugland of Norway. He posts under the name of 'JanH' at the JWD bitching forum, or JWO for short.


  • joannadandy

    JanH used to post here. I miss him.

    Yeah it's pretty sick parents were talking to me about it, saying how they thought it would be a great tool for my non-practicing (former JW) sister to use with my nephew...

  • frankiespeakin

    Man the WT writers are sick dudes!!!!

    This summer, the sect published Learn from the Great Teacher, a new book directed at young children.
    The book is designed for thorough indoctrination, as explained in the foreword (p. 7):
    You will notice that the book calls for a response on the part of children. Many well-placed questions are provided in the printed material. When you come to these, you will see a dash ( -- ). This is a reminder to pause and encourage the child to express himself. Children like to be involved. Without the involvement, a child will quickly lose interest.

    It is important that we know what bad things the demons will try to get us to do. So think about it. What bad things did the demons do when they came to earth? -- Before the Flood, they had sex relations with women, something that was not right for angels to do. Today the demons like it when people do not obey God's law about sex relations. Let me ask you, Who only should have sex relations? -- You are right, only married people.

    Today some young boys and girls have sex relations, but this is wrong for them. The Bible talks about the male "genital organ," or penis. (Leviticus 15:1-3) The female genital parts are called the vulva. Jehovah created these parts of the body for a special purpose that should be enjoyed only by married people. It makes the demons happy when people do things that are forbidden by Jehovah. For example, the demons like it when a boy and a girl play with each others' penis or vulva. We don't want to make the demons happy, do we? --

    They are some sick bastards!!!!
  • Markfromcali

    There is NO PINK ELEPHANT in the living room. I repeat -- NO PINK ELEPHANT.

  • avishai
    That well written article and the accompanying blog was written by one Jan Haugland of Norway. He posts under the name of 'JanH' at the JWD bitching forum, or JWO for short

    Yes, LH, as do you. What's your point? The article is good, regardless. Most people of the xjw community know who he is. He helped me get out, personal politics aside. i also post there and ther is a "bet' over there (baiting simon over how long this post will last due to Simon and JanH's dealings) Why come over here and stir the pot? Because nothing is happening here? Geez dude. I post both places. This is juvenile. Dammit. Leave it alone. Both boards. There was a post here practically daring a response from the other yesterday. Live and let live. Talk about other stuff for awhile. Like maybe how to help people out of the org. who want out?

    Everybody grow up!!!!

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Thank you avishai. Wise words indeed, although Tatiana is the one who bumped this up. Restraint is often the first sign of maturity. Someone had told me about this, but I ignored it because this whole thing is so damn silly.

    I hate playing these little games, if for no other reason that it detracts from a very well written article which throws light on a larger problem of an organization that is causing a lot of pain to a great many people.

    Let's just drop it. Any other posts in this thread should be comments on the article itself.


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