my husband is my step brother

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  • Piph

    I don't have any of that kind of family weirdness personally, but I knew a couple once whose parents later married each other. Her dad ended up marrying his mom.

  • Soledad

    OK my father had 5 children with my aunt (mother's sister)

    SO I have 5 half-brothers and sisters who are also my cousins

  • Shutterbug
    Shutterbug...I meant is that double cousins?

    I know Tress, I really wasn't trying to insult your intelligence. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to goose ya. I was on pins and needles for fear you would actually PM me and call my bluff. At that point I would have had to back down. Bug

  • ApagaLaLuz

    My father's mother (my grandmother) was killed during WWII. His father (my grandfather) escaped to America and brought her sister (my father's aunt). He married her and had children. My father had brothers which were his first cousins as well. So my uncles are my uncles and first cousins. They had kids which made their kids my first cousins and second cousins. Then they had kids and their kids were my second and third cousins. And THAT's not even my side of the famliy from Kentucky :)

  • Princess
    He really is. My father married my late mother in law in 1989. She passed away in 1993.

    Scary huh? I became my own cousin in 1989. It's OK, gives me someone to talk to at all hours.

    My brothers are my cousins as well. My parents became my aunt and uncle too.

    I have a friend who had a son by a guy she worked with. She ended up marrying the guy's brother. They had a child together. So, her husband is her son's uncle, his half sister is also his first cousin. I'm sure holidays are interesting at their house.

  • Pinned Blouse
    Pinned Blouse

    Ok see if you can keep up --

    My grandparents were married

    My grandfather took a liking to my grandmothers mother (His mother-in-law)

    She (my grandmothers mother) got pregnant and had a son with my grandfather

    So my grandmother became a sister and stepson of the son that was born

    The son is considered my uncle and great uncle.

    It is no wonder that my sweet grandmother shot my grandad in the leg. I do not know if it happended before or after the "bang bang bang/relations"


  • ApagaLaLuz
    It is no wonder that my sweet grandmother shot my grandad in the leg.

    go granny

  • minimus

    Mulan, you disgust me! You're such a typical Witness.

  • Pinned Blouse
    Pinned Blouse


    It is no wonder that my sweet grandmother shot my grandad in the leg.
    go granny

    LOL! PB

  • Mary

    Ma momma married her bruther an it din do ME no harm..............

    No weird relationships in my family but I remember going to a family reunion in Buffalo years ago where I met one of the most gorgeous guys I've ever laid eyes on. His mother and my mother were first cousins........I'm not sure what that makes him and me; second or third cousins?? Still too close for comfort.....what a shame.......damn, he was good looking!!

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