Is The Watchtower Organization Thought Of As An American Religion?

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  • Dino

    Fascinating post!

    I for one, would love to hear from others not in the USA.

    So, bttt.


  • wednesday

    i often wondered about this as a active jws. I would worry about all the nuslims and people on that side of the world and think, "how can they find the "truth" ? " It would seem that the stage is certainly set against them, in fact, they would possibly face death for being any religion that followed jesus.(i know jws really bring a new twist on this following jesus thing, but they slide by ) of course, the jws would say, jehovah will judge this. so do u think, that Russel, b/c he was an american, viewed his religion as superior to those of other countries? often jws are heard to say that God uses the uSA for a purpose.B/c of the religious freedom here.

    here in usa, the GB has a lot of authority, and perhaps it may in countries where people are used to dictorships. maybe that is the "draw", people want to be told what to do. Older americans generally are more accepting of authority than say those under 40. I grew up not questioning my elders, the police, the president, teachers, u get it, anyone in authority. So for those of us over 40, it is easier to keep us in line. Not so with my children.

    But honestly, why couldnt' somoene like Russell have started this religion in countries like the UK , france, , just to name a few?

    i really felt oppressed by the religions here. they have had a major impact on my way of life. the south really is the bible belt, and our lives have been influnced by the religions that flourish here. Even if i had never been a jw, i would have had some strict religious upbringing, likely.

  • lazyslob

    It has all the American values. Premarital sex, getting married, hetero, going to church every year, clothing, aso. I mean I´ve never used a suit exept JW stuff. Not even in weddings or funerals, jeans will do fine. Thinking my friends less than 10% are married. Going to church? come on nobody is doin´g that, it´s not 1725 it´s 2004. aso.

  • blondie

    Although 5 million of the 6 million JWs live outside the US, the WTS is seen as a US religion, because it originated there, the headquarters is there, and for many years even the branch overseers were from the US. JWs were sent in to train the local JWs to set up administrations inside the congregations that reflected US thinking.


  • cyber-sista

    Interesting points. I often wondered what people in more exotic lands thought when they looked through the pictures in the WT publications. The people pictured are dressed mostly in American attire and living in middle class america homes, driving middleclass cars, etc. The articles are moslty geared towards the American lifestyle. How does one living in a rural villiage or living in the bush think about the publication reminders to keep your suit pressed, moustache trimmed, and keeping your vehicle clean and in good running order?

  • Junction-Guy

    Ok so the watchtower society is seen as an american religion, It is anything but mom, apple pie, and the flag.


  • darinwilson

    In South Africa the perception is yes.

  • skinnyboy

    i always thought that it was on a par with the usual extreme US religions, such as Mormons, 7DA's adn the like. I hated the American-centric literature we got too, not that i have anything against regular 'septics, but I like my English thus, English!

  • Elsewhere

    I have wondered about this and whether part of the decline in the WTS's numbers is in part due to anti-American sentiment around the world.

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