How Many XJWs Who's Christianity Is Now Progressive In Nature?

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  • Carmel

    Check my profile and you will see my religion is just about the most opposite of JW as one could be and still be religion. Chances are I don't believe in the same god that athiests don't believe in, but haven't concluded that god does not exist.


  • Thirdson

    Apparently, after taking a test, I should be a Liberal Quaker.

    I attend services with a non-fundy Christian church mostly and I haven't joined the "Friends" yet.


  • Aalena

    When I first stopped going to meetings, I simply believed that JWs just didn't have it right. I steered away from Religious Fundmentalism(rigid, one-sided views of practicing Christianity) and basically shunned all organized religion. I then started questioning the bible as a whole and God's existence in general. I wouldn't say I ever became agnostic or athiest... but I can definately see how athiests can prove there is no God according to western Christianity.

    I have been studying Baha'i lately a bit... I don't think it's something I would subscribe to entriely as a religion simply because the religion is traced back to one single man's words claiming to be some kind of prophet but I agree with almost every one of their philosophies.

    I have a few people i work with that attend Assemblies of God(protestant? I think...) and I think they are good people- which most people that honestly try and live life the way the bible outlines are. I researched their beliefs on the web(they have a official A/G site) and I felt like I was reading the Watchtower litterature. They do believe in things like the Trinity... but their views on dating non-believers, association with secular people, music... was quite dogmatic...

    I am suprised to hear they have a pastor that openly smokes and cusses in his sermons without being shunned... their beleifs outlined on their website seem very fundamental and not progressive in the least. They also believe in speaking in tounges which I cannot even begin to understand since they claim it is a tounge no one but God and the person speaking it can understand... why not just use prayer? I don't see much justification for speaking in tounges besides the goal of attracting attention.

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    I was an R+D doctrinal heavy and still am.I still don't have a clue to the grand design of life.This altered state of post-cult ambivalence is normal a sort of spiritual limbo.I'm just a nice guy and an honorable humanitarian.A,throw back to basic Christian atrusim.

    I don't know what to think.Hello! Jesus Christ you are a derelict diety, come get me I have NO fear.

    By the way,what has Jesus Christ done for me lately???

    My mentor Issac Newton sez:"if i have seen further than other men,it is because i have stood on the shoulders of giants".My motto/credo in life. I Love You Mug 2 Flowers & Vase

  • L_A_Big_Dawg

    I don't know what I would qualify as. I hold to very conservative views on essential Christian doctrine. However, on other issues I would not be considered "politically orthodox." Eg. Legalization of prostitution, drugs, and gambling.

    If you are against abortion, don't have one (I realize this arguement is weak).

    I do not believe that in order to be Christian you must be Republican.

    If you are a church, you should be "showing the love of Christ" (eg. Matthew Barnett's church in LA) not buying or building bigger buildings, Eg. Lakewood Church buying an old basketball arena in Houston for $13 million, or another church that purchased the Forum here in L.A.

    That pastors' salaries should be reflective of the average income of the parishoners, and that they should have automobiles reflective of the same (not BMWs, Caddies, or "luxury cars").

    That politicians (D or R) should not be allowed to speak at churches, period.

    That your religious convictions do make up part of who you are, but should be tempered by the fact that this (U.S.) is made up of all types of religious beliefs. Case in point, don't try to foist upon us that some monument that you (Judge Roy Moore) brought in to a courthouse, is some type of historical landmark.

    I hate the constant whining, coming from groups like "Focus on the Family" about how America needs "Jeeeee-sus-ah." No, Amrica needs good, quality leadership. Something that has been lacking in this country for over 20, and some might say longer, years.

    Basicly, I wished that the Christians, did less belly-aching, and more work in trying to make the communities better. I can think of a number of examples of churches that are doing this.


  • Junction-Guy

    I take issue with progressive christianity as I see it as being too similiar to JW's. Progressive Christianity like JW's preach doctrines of men and are too easily swayed by human thinking. Basically its liberalism whether it be the kindom hall or some church. thats my opinion.


  • Eden

    Yeah, that IS what i meant by this additude of "WE ARE saved! & All OTHER are NOT!" mentality along with sexism and some sort of eternal afterlife threat.

  • Eden

    Yes, I have visited the UU church and I really like the Web Of Life Belief. And actually I know Scott Wells, a UU Christian Pastor..who started the Christian UU Networks. There IS alot in there that I like. I even have their UU Song Book. I like the songs about the earth.:)

  • Eden

    Yes! Assembly of God IS as Fundamental as JW! Thank you for telling it! The only difference is that AOG is ultra chrasimatic in nature while JW is the opposite. But they are both heigh on afterlife or end of the world threats.

  • Eden

    The Coyboy Guy said: "


    "I take issue with progressive christianity as I see it as being too similiar to JW's. Progressive Christianity like JW's preach doctrines of men and are too easily swayed by human thinking. Basically its liberalism whether it be the kindom hall or some church. thats my opinion." Ahh..pardon me. But were YOu EVER IN JW?!? JW's have been excused of many things but being far left liberals ahs NEVER been one of them! With JW's voiced views on women matching that of the Southern Baptists Convention...I seriously doubt anyONE will confuse them with liberals! Help! PS. Do you have a gunrack in your window, a conferate flag in your pickup window and then a bumper sticker that reads, "Jesus Loves Me"???

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