Serena Williams loses @ Wimbeldon then thanks her god Jehovah.

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  • Atilla

    Bliss or anyone,

    Do you have a news reference where Serena thanks Jehovah for losing? I googled it and found where she thanks Jehovah for winning last year but I'm unable to find her current comment anywhere.

  • wednesday
    So if you ever think of coming back to jws move here you can dust off your old mini.

    not in the bible belt, the south, southwest. They are very strict here.

  • cynicus
    she then proceeded in her speech to say "and I thank my god Jehovah for getting me here."

    She only meant to thank him for the ca. 513.000 US$ she cashed by "getting there".


  • shera
    I think the WT's grip is slipping

    Yeh,that is true too....the collage thing is ok now and other things are changing.I guess I'm comparing it to when I was in.Been 10 yrs or so for me,seince I've been out.

    Do you have a news reference where Serena thanks Jehovah for losing?

    I have had a quick look on the internet but haven't found any transcripts.

    Hubby and i watched the whole game live and also the presentations..............she did thank Jehovah, not for losing naturally, just for getting her there, or something like that.

    Cheers, Bliss

  • HeyNow!

    Blessi, you're hot!...mmm question, again?

  • Panda

    Serena and Venus are well trained athletes and feel comfortable in the clothes that they wear. I think Serena even designs some. They also have specially made Manolo Blahniks. Bet not too many at their old KH had those!

    I'm glad for these gilrs and I believe that one day they'll get out.

  • joenobody

    Maybe the WT$ is salivating at the prospects at nice steady stream of donations over the course of their careers.

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