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  • anew

    Hi, I have a question. This is not about JW's in particular. I grew up JW and was for 33 years now I am 36 and facing a whole new life. I am in love with a co-worker who everyone says in gay. I believe he is bi. My I have any hope with him? I care of him greatly and according to everything I grew up believing he can change.....but according to what I am learning....he is set. Any feedback is appreciated because I truly care for this guy and he has been great to me and helped my career so much. Thank you for you time!

  • Markfromcali

    Anew, you may or may not have a future with this man in a romantic relationship, but nothing stops you from caring for him otherwise.


    I have a guy cousin who really wants to be a gal.

    He probably doesn't know that I've left the borg, so he would not know that I'd like to get in touch with him. Last I heard he lived in Manitoba, and I don't know how to get in touch with him, since my dub family isn't speaking with me.


  • FlowerPower

    Hey anew, Welcome! I can tell you this much, if your Boss is Gay he cannot change that. The "male roommate" for many years makes me think he may be gay but still in the closet especially if he is still a believing Mormon as you say. He would be too scared of the reprecussions of coming out if he is affiliated with the Mormons still or just afraid to say it out loud due to his religious beliefs. That's sad. If he is Bi then you may have every bit a chance with him as the next person so go for it!I would say to continue to get to know him on a more personal level (although it can be a complicated thing to get into to with your Boss)and eventually you will get to know if he is staight, gay or Bi. I have a friend who is Bi and she is really cool. When I first met her she was with a woman, then they broke up and she dated a guy, now their realtionship is on the rocks and I asked her who she would date next she said "I dunno whoever I fall for!" The important thing for her is that she is monogomous when she is in a relationship. That's simple isn't it? Good luck in whatever you decide to do! FP

  • Gretchen956

    Welcome to all you new gays, lesbians, and trannies joining our happy little group! I'm one of the resident lezzies on the board and thats no joke! Always good to hear from others, pm me anytime any of you want to chat. Also, as earlier mentioned, there is another group on Yahoo Groups called "A Common Bond" for current and ex-JWs who are GLBT. We have a wonderful family over there and always welcome anyone to join us that has this common bond of gender or sexuality.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Thank you to everyone for giving such a warm welcome and show of support.


  • FlowerPower

    Hey Gretchen, Good pick with the ACB referral. They really ARE a great bunch. When my partner and I were first coming out of the BORG and the closet they "sponsored" us to attend a conference that was going on in DC. That was in 1999! What an eye opener that was. It was a great way to put away our doubts about our decision to get out and made our resolve firm to try to help as many more as we could to get out too! So far 3 of our 6 sons are out (of the Borg..not the closet!)We think one may be gay but that is for them to figure out! There is one son who is teetering on the edges and time will tell. We just let them all know that we are no longer bound by the stupids rules and gag orders of the Borg and they are welcome to come to us at any time, we will always be there for them no matter what! Our oldest son is married to an ex JW too and we have a wondeful granddaughter that we just love to pieces!! Glad to hear from the "resident lezzie" (Glad your'e not joking!)Love to pm you a little later, gotta run off to work this AM FlowerPower

  • Lehaa

    Hi anew and welcome,

    Don't think you have any chance with this guy. I'd just kick back and enjoy the friendship, I used to have a few gay friends and they make the best friends. Can sit and talk to them for ages, must catch up with them again.


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