What First Stumbled You?

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  • Lehaa

    I had been stumbled a few times and got over them, just idiots poking their noses into my buisness.

    The stubling I never got over was when a 13 year old unbaptised publisher molested my 3 year old son, The elders helped a little untill we took it to the police, they then turned their backs on us.

    They said they could no longer get involved because it was now a legal matter.

    When my childs molester was questioned by the police an elder from the congregation went with him, his mum claimed she could not go because she was in hospital and the taxi to take her to the police station did not arrive. Load of garbage, why couldn't the elder that took the paedophile to the station pick her up?????

    I told a few people in the congregation about what had happened, I then got a call from the edlers stating that if I contunued telling people then I would be in trouble fof slander.

    We asked for a sheparding call a few times and it took the elders 4 weeks to get aroung to it. In the meantime they had been to visit the paedophile a number of times.

    During the visit they stated that they belived paedophile was telling the truth, he denied everything of course, and if we could not handle seeing him at the meetings then we should move out of the congregation.

    The paediphile no longer goes to the meetings, and now his mother is telling everyone that it's my fault that he no longer wants the truth.

    Never got over that and never will.

  • bem

    Goodness folks... ((((Glitter)))) I hate it when children are shamed.(By the way I love hello kitty!)

    ((((Fleur)))) Yes it stumbled me when I had my first mis-carriage/still birth.I was 6-1/2 months into the pregnancy.They thought I was being comforted when they visited me in hospital.I suppose it could of been. 'til they told me the baby would not be "included in the resurrection".These were women friends! that were also mom's. Then a year later had another miscarriage.same visit...same story...different day! Hurt me all the same. then big and dumb believing hubby tried to pick -up that story.at the time I was very obedient... but it hurt so much coming from him...it numbed my heart. We never forget that those were babies in there floating/bouncing around. Here I am years later knowing if my first one lost was born on his due date he would be 18 years old this coming 4th of july.

    ((((Confucious)))) having lost a brother-n-law to suicide I can relate to that sad frustation that goes with the loss. My husband was told his brother probably would not be resurrected... it stumbled me but he accepted it. or said he did.

    Besides those stumblers. Having an elder that I respected treat me worse than anyone had ever treated me.in my life & thats saying a lot! cut me to the quick. doesn't hurt me now but back then... Thought the pain would kill me.

    Thanks for the post Glitter

  • Steve Lowry
    Steve Lowry

    Stumbled? Nah, I jump!

    But I guess the first time I realized things weren?t quite right was when I was about 10 or so. I was talking to an old JW who actually went through the 1914 experience. He told me that they had believed completely that that year was to be the end (of this system of things), and they had it figured, right down the actual day. When I asked him how he felt the next day after and nothing happened, he said, "Oh, we all just laughed about it". Even at 10, I realize that I wouldn?t be laughing about being deceived that way. That was about 1965, and was to be a foreshadowing of my own personal experience when 1975?s false predictions rolled around. I had forgotten all about that encounter. In 1975, I too believed completely that the end was coming that year. When it didn?t, I didn?t laugh about it. It was the thing that helped me out.

  • freedom96

    I could never buy into the idea that even if a someone was a good moral person, loved God, etc, but simply because they were not a witness they would be destroyed at Armaggedon.

  • larc

    I am amazed at those of you who developed doubts in childhood. Mine did not develope until I was in my late teens. This was percipitated by reading the very old literature of Russell and Rutherford. What a eye opener that was. I was not stumbled by people. I attended a nice congregation, where folks got along. I was sorry to leave them, but I could not live a lie, when I came to know so much about the history of failed prophecy and silly teachings.

  • Fleur

    bem, breaks my heart to read your experience. i'm so sorry about your babies.

    my first would be about 12 now...it never goes away. (((((((((((Bem)))))))))))

    how anyone could say something so completely unkind to a grieving mother is just beyond me. you know, only one person in my life didn't try to hand me that garbage at the time...and here all these years later, she's the only friend i have who is now, also, out of the jws.

    will be thinking of you, and your son as tomorrows date approaches...


  • peacefulpete

    Before my baptism I questioned the justice of my having been born into the "true religion" and others never hearing it but being slaughtered by angels because of "community reponsibilty". My parents told me to not worry about it. Through the years of doing "research" in the WT pubs, I constantly got contradicting answers about interpretation. I was told by my parents and PO to not worry about it. When I saw people being abused emotionally by bully elders in a foreign assignment I was told by the Branch Overseer to not worry about it. It wasn't until I was the victim of lies and harassment that I began to worry about it. For that I am ashamed.

  • Dolllie

    I don't know if you would consider this "stumbled", but what got me to leave and go back to my old religion was "Easter".

    I had been going to weekly Bible study's and attending services at the Kingdom Hall with some friends. I was not going to be able to recieve communion for Easter service, BUT someone on the congregation was going to recieve communion.

    I was told "he knew he was going to Heaven", but we were to stay here on earth and become the slave class.

    That, to me, is something for God to deside(who goes to Heaven, and who does not)... plus arre'nt their teachings "that we remain on the earth in an earthly paridise"?

    I asked questions, I got no answers, and that was it for me.

  • HappyDad

    A lot of things stumbled me but one of the main things that bothered me was when the WT article said that my "personal salvation" was directly connected to how much "witnessing" I did............total BS. And that article was repeated a few years ago.

    Another thing that really got me mad was about a month after my wife died. I was friends with a much older brother from another KH. He told me horror stories about what was going on in his KH. (that KH was disbanded a few years back because of decades of dictator manipulation ( you know .....family operated.....elders and ms's and of course the wanting to be somebody wives of the power hungry) enforcing all their own rules............anyhow ......in talking to this bro..........I refered to my late wife as "my wife".........he immediately.........in a raised voice told me........"Bill ...you have to stop refering to her as your wife. She isn't your wife anymore. She is dead and that ended any claim of marriage." How insensitive!


  • glitter
    I can't stand that term, "stumbled." ick.

    Hehe yup.

    Everyone's stories are so awful - (((((((((((((Everyone)))))))))))))

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