Is there proof of Evolution out there? help needed

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  • JH
    AND God, that he/she


  • ohiocowboy

    Here is proof Positive that Evolution did occur......

  • JH

    Which one is Bush?

  • logansrun

    Evolution does not by necessity negate the existence of God. But, it does make the non-existence of God possible.

    Nice sexist comment JH.


  • JH
    Nice sexist comment JH.

    Well, God can't be a female nor male, because he has no physical body

    Adam was created first and he was a male.

    Jesus also a male.

    Jesus talks about his "father in heaven". This would lead to conclude that he must be a male.

    Honestly, I don't think God is male nor female.

  • Phil
    Remember that evolution is a theory and religion (God) is a belief system. Theories go on for ever based on new findings as time goes on. Belief systems is usualy based on who brought you up and/or who did the best job of convincing you what to believe. Yes, you can believe in God and follow the theory of evolution. Some religious groups would frown on the mix. Evolution is based on facts found as well as opinions that are based on fact obtained by observation.
  • hooberus
    I am seriously open-minded about this. If it seems evolution is true, then God may still exist anyway and had a hand in it, which would make me agnostic. But if I don't buy evolution even after considering the evidence, that means I can have faith in God and be able to argue against evolution.

    Either way, the main thing is knowing a little bit more of what's truth and what's not.

    So I'm looking for serious suggestions of reading material. Please no highly biased stuff or 6-day creationism books.

    If you are seriously open-minded why not consider the 6-day creation position?

  • hooberus

    (Creation "Science" Debunked)

    This is poor. for example:

    However, a growing number of recent attempts to remove evolutionary theory from the schoolroom, in favor of a "scientific" version of the Biblical Genesis story, demonstrates that the anti-evolutionist movement is still alive and well in America.

    A strawman.

    In August 1999, the Kansas State Board of Education voted, at the urging of two creationist members (one a veterinarian and the other a blueberry farmer),

    Why didn't he mention that the "blueberry farmer" also has two degrees in science?

  • hillary_step


    If you are seriously open-minded why not consider the 6-day creation position?

    Because being open-minded and ill-informed are not neccessarily the same thing.


  • drwtsn32
    Richard Dawkins' The Blind Watchmaker is fantastic, I only got through the first third of the book

    I didn't finish this book either. I got a bit turned off when he was talking about his morphing computer program. I understood his point, but I felt he was putting too much emphasis on it..

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