How Would You / Did You Handle Disfellowshipping?

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  • minimus
    minimus in if you personally were df'd or someone close to you was???

  • Evesapple
  • Lehaa

    Was disfellowshipped about 6 weeks ago.

    Yelled and screamed at the Elders when they told me ther decission. Was totally repentant for what I'd done and they still disfellowshipped me. Don't believe i went through all that and they still Disfellowshipped me, should have just told them to do what they wanted and saved myself the pain and anguish of a committe. Will tell you reasons if you want to pm me.

    For a Few weeks felt free and good.

    Now just lonely and feel like my heart has been torn out.

    Very few friends, and the only family that are talking to me like in another state or overseas.

  • Evesapple

    I'm so sorry Lehaa.....I hope it gets better for you. I had no family nor friends after either. it was very lonley right after...I cried a lot, but I couldn't see myself even from that point ever going back. However, that was just me...I hope you will be happy.

  • minimus

    Lehaa, thanks for your response. If the elders feel you are not repentant, you could cry your eyes out and it wouldn't matter. They actually believe they are following Jehovah God's direction. They believe in their own mightiness.

  • Lehaa
    They actually believe they are following Jehovah God's direction. They believe in their own mightiness.

    I just wish that they would realise that they are messing with peoples actual lives and the power that they have over them.

    My uncle who is an elder was actually shocked that I'd been disfellowshipped and wanted me to appeal the desicion. He said he'd sit in with me if i wanted. I just couldn't do it was to emotionally and physically drained.

  • kls

    For me i would love it. Would i meet with them ? Hell no ,they can send a certified letter any time.

  • ohiocowboy


    Wow, I didn't realize it was only 6 weeks ago. Sorry for the pain you are going through. If you ever need an ear to listen, feel free to PM me.....

    For me, it was a weird experience, as I did not find out that I was DF till several weeks later, as I happened to hear about it through the grape vine. Never met with JC or anything, but they did it anyways. I got into a really bad depression, but in a way, I felt relieved. Lots of mixed feelings, and feelings of alienation.

    Now I am so happy that it did happen, as it got me to research, and see all of the errors in the Org.

  • Carmel

    They only have the power that individuals are willing to surrender to them. They are true "theives in the night"!

    Re: the original question, my Dfing came as a giant relief knowing I would not be hounded to attend the most boring and monotonous meetings in the world and that I could go on with life without the label "Jehovah's Witness" something I learned to loath.


  • findingme

    It was an emotional experience for me. The elders asked way too many personal/sexual questions. I was depressed and like a loser for a couple of years. I feel better now, though.

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