Ho Hum, just another JW sex abuse case

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  • Seven
    Have you forgotten that Jehovah's Witnesses
    have for decades been disfellowshipping persons given to pedophilia and other immoral acts?

    No, I haven't forgotten. Tell them they missed one.

    Regarding our subject, actually
    there have been some private apologies from representatives of the society, many of them.

    Da*n. I must have been absent that day. Private apologies but no private justice.

    Over the years the Society has known of horrid acts of child abuse committed within the ranks of Jehovah's Witnesses. Unlike other communities, Jehovah's Witnesses have been taught to cover over horrible and dangerous transgressions to the point of being over protective of someone who has sown plenty of bad seed.

    It is such a source of comfort to know that the Society was there when these perpetrators needed them the most.

    ...the Society is cash rich so they could probably weather the storm of civil litigation and subsequent money penalities in the form of awards.

    Yes. High Fives all over the place!
    Now, step up to the microphone little girl and trade all of your nightmares, headaches, and dysfunctionality for a new Mercedes and a trip to Disney World. Cool, huh? This really makes up for all you've been through. I bet you'd do it all over again. See something good came out of it all. NOT EVEN! Money can't erase the memories that will haunt you until your dying day. It is a supreme insult to believe otherwise.


  • waiting

    Hello guys,

    Seven's right in her stance that money doesn't get it with victims/survivors of incest and rape.

    The deed's been done, the damage is there. Period.

    But how to make a person pay for his sin? Money is the most appropriate way in our society.
    Why do you think women are hell on wheels in a divorce. They can finally get even with the bas*ard that's been fooling around for years. He will, and usually does, feel so much regret and anger about his bi*ch of a wife going after his bank account (generalization, but nevertheless accurate).

    Soooo, the courts can't give virginity back to the child, can't help them sleep, can't wash the filth from inside their skin, can't give them a clean conscience, can't give them dignity, can't help them trust and love - anybody.

    But they can give money - if the incest/rapist has any. So that is the judgement. Forego all the above - but, girlie, you can pay the $30,000 for your therapist now. Girlie, we've given you justice. Go home and be happy again.

    There is another issue in the making, but it does not pack the punch of this blood issue.


    You are right, Friend, children being raped never packs a solid punch. Nobody really cares that deeply.

    You made an interesting observation, however. The WTBTS is, and very well should be, concerned about the litigation rewards they might have to pay for turning a deaf ear to the screams of children they were supposed to shepherd. Sooooo, a good part of this argument about the WTBTS is about money.

    The other interesting observation was that the sheep might leave in mass when they figure out that the blood issue was not a Bible issue. It was a WTBTS issue. And many people let their family members die because the WTBTS made it an un-necessary issue.

    If the sheep migrate elsewhere - where will the donations come from?

    Financial support from membership is the proverbial water well. If that well dries up then the money completely dries up along with social support. That is why the blood issue represents a greater threat and the Society will fight it hard.

    Man, it all boils down to the money. Whatever does God think of us? Pathetic little creatures, screwing our kids, hiding in our clean KH, and we're concerned about donations to keep his clean KH going better than ever.

    boy o boy.

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  • TG-Jasper

    Waiting, there are mandatory reporting laws in Australia.

    I was abused as a child (but not by a JW), and my mother and I were seeking some sort of support from some of the members of the local congregation. We were approached by one of the elders (who was our book study conducter) and told not to talk about it. Apparently "people might get the wrong idea". I think he was scared someone might think it was a JW. So I had to shut up.

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