The Fear mongering of this weeks WT study!

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  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD
    flipper don't you know that god will only keep the internet working for JW's.  That will be the answer if anyone questioned this picture.  Still Totally ADD
  • BluesBrother

    To me , the pic is just a throwback to the ones they used to print in the sixties of scenes like this. At that time dubs were meeting like this in USSR, Spain and such places. Today it is only in more remote places in the Middle East and Asia. Older ones like us cut our teeth on stuff like this. The shock value is for the younger or newer ones.

    Para 18 is a doosey though:

    “18 If, therefore, we wish to benefit from Jehovah’s protection during the great tribulation, we must recognize that Jehovah has a people on earth, organized into congregations. We must continue to take our stand with them and remain closely associated with our local congregation

    And you know? my family still deny that the WTS teach that it is a case of 'be an active Witness or get slaughtered'

  • leaving_quietly

    After sitting through the study, I had a thought:

    Which is it? Go into the interior rooms? Or flee to the mountains and don't even go into your house? (Matt 24:15-21)

    Of course, both are the same, according to WT: flee to the organization (the mountains) and stay close to the congregation (interior rooms).


    All of you bitter opposers are forgetting one very important thing. It doesn't matter if the Internet or the entire communication grid fails. Why? 

    Jehovah, the greatest communicator, originated the art of communication! His angels are poised to deliver his ever brightening nu-light! Yes, even now the supreme networker has his loyal angelic "programmers" updating the good news! 

    When the satanic relay systems fail, "JEEHOOGLE" will be up and running! All honest-hearted seekers of truth will benefit from JEEHOOGLE if they trust it as their primary spiritual service provider! 

    Even those who fall prey to death will be alive in JEEHOOGLE CLOUD, Jehovah's memory! Surely there is every reason to remain loyal to Jehovah's faithful public relations team, The Watchtower Tablet and Video Society, with it's "Faithful Slave!" 


  • stuckinarut2

    hahaha DD!

    Great post!!!!!

    I gotta get me some of the JeehGoogle! 

  • prologos

    leaving quietly, inner rooms? basements? flee to the mountain? if that fails, how about the "Valley of Protection"? wt Nov 12 2012? wt does not have a clue, even less than I and you. 

    dataDog are you kidding wt "service provider"? The only service provided was by the wt slaves. H2H, construction---


    One assumes that during this tribulation period the entire infrastructure network is not down eg Electrical and Data otherwise we will be getting Zippo from Hotel Quebec.


     [Dah Dah Di Dah Dit ...Dit Dah Di Dah Di Dah] any HAMS out there ??  

    -------   ------- -- ------- -- 

  • Prefect

    Notice at the middle / bottom of picture she has brought her red Grab Bag with her.

    That came out at our WT study yesterday.

  • smiddy

           The Wt Article speaks about,

           " A people for His Name"  and says in part  " Apostate Christians have even removed the divine name from many of their translations of the Bible."

            Presumably they mean the name Jehovah , however the alternative is often used which is Yahweh .a more correct  transliteration of the Hebrew four letter consonants JHVH or more correctly YHWH  as hebrew never had a J sounding character .

          In their first edition of  "Aid To Bible Understanding " the WT conceded that the name Jehovah was not correct , that maybe Yahweh was more correct however because of popular usage Jehovah was adopted.

         Now you may ask , why would they be influenced by popular opinion ?, whose popular opinion ,Christendoms ?  Does popular opinion over-ride-truth ? accuracy ?

        Going back to the start of this post , they claim Apostate Christians removed the divine name Jehovah from the Bible.

    It was not until the third century when Christendom was well and truly into apostasy according to Jehovah Witnesses , that a Spanish monk of the Catholic order added some vowels to the four Hebrew letters and came up with the name JEHOVAH in English .

    So actually Jehovah Witnesses are keeping a Catholic tradition alive in insisting on the name Jehovah for their God.

        I guess they have a bet each way here on naming their God Jehovah  (Catholic Invention ) but also adopting the Bible cannon that the Protestants adopted .

        Their was no originality here was their , no evidence of Divine inspiration at all  , just follow on what Christendom before you has done .

          And is not this what we are seeing today  ? the G.B. is just following on what mainstream Christendom  /Fundamentalists have  been using for the past couple of decades.and with success no doubt.

         Music , dancing , large TV screens in their halls , logos , gimmicks ,,etc.etc.



  • tidalblitz
    I never felt more horrified and stupid than at the meeting this past Sunday. One comment at the watchtower study on the basement pic was that "we needed to get to know each and every one of our brothers and sisters individually because we won't know how long we'll be together in the basement." I couldn't help but shake my head at that one. I feel embarrassed for my family for buying into this nonsense.

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