The Fear mongering of this weeks WT study!

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  • sowhatnow

      lol,  so if jws are God special people  why are they  hiding?

    from what?  its not Gods war yet, its the tribulation.

    so hes got 'special people' and he cant save them,   [and from what? ]

    here we have in luke 21 28

    when you see these things begin to take place straiten up,  lift up your heads because your redemption is drawing near. it doesn't say run and hide fro the God who is supposed to save you. where is their faith.

    when you see these things begin to take place it says to lift up your heads and you'll see the son of man coming on a cloud.

     and anyway,

    is it not  the wicked that are to hide from Gods wrath? not the righteous?

    so, what does any thinking jw think is going to happen while everyone is sitting in the basement?

    you cant hide from tribulation. we all have tribulation in the flesh, according to the bible.

    not to mention all those prophesies were fulfilled.  past tense

    if you look closely there's some weird face or symbol, cant remember,  on that luggage bag on the floor in the background ,lol

  • OneEyedJoe
    Good to know that even hunkered down in a basement the white men will still find time, razors and shaving cream to stay clean shaven.  Also, it appears that the soul-patch exemption is still in place for black men.
  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    The whole article is a repeat of stuff we'd studied about a billion times before. The last subheading of 3 paragraphs seems to be quite a disconnect from the first part. Yep, it's still entirely crazy, paranoid, false prophecy. But it used to be stuff that would merit an entire article or two with even more speculation and much more stuff about the North/South Kings, the cry of peace and security, the destruction of Babylon the Great, the role of the governments and the UN. But here it's just a few paragraphs, pretty bare bones, but with a picture.

    "After the destruction of Babylon the Great, there will be an all-out assault on Jehovah’s people, and at that time we will need to be under the protection that Jehovah will provide for his servants."

    So, how soon can we expect to see Islam just disappear. And the Catholic Church is still very much alive, despite the fact that Boozerford was sure that he'd destroy it.

    "...the “inner rooms” might well be connected with our local congregations."

    Really? MIGHT be? Or is it a prophecy about the modern invention of bathrooms?

    "Hide yourself for a brief moment..."

    Is that "brief" as in 1, 2, or 3 overlapping generations?

    And if WT is so certain that attack is imminent, why have they built a remote compound where the GB will be sitting ducks for attack? Why has all the money been moved to the branch to be easily frozen by the government? Wouldn't it be wiser if the local congregations have the opportunity to keep control of the assets to provide for themselves?

  • millie210

    I enlarged the picture to see the bag but I still cant make it out.

    I wonder what the guy is supposed to be reading to them? Will there be a letter to be followed at this time?

    There are three people with Bibles - of course none of them are open. 

  • flipper
    The fear mongering in this picture is ridiculous. WT Society certainly confirms itself as a mind control cult by portraying the little girl in the picture as scared $hitless of something. The WT manipulation is in full force with this girl's scared look causing JW 's to feel she's scared of " persecution " or a possible attack of the pretend " Gog of Magog ". WT Society knows how to intimidate through fear indeed. Message JW's get : Stay close together at meetings or you'll DIE. So twisted. No wonder JW's are so scared of anything outside the JW organization- they are conditioned to be scared and paranoid
  • berrygerry

    What's in the white liquid (?) containers in the upper left of the image?

    Emergency koolaid.

  • smiddy

    Max , its probably more Kool-Aid for them to drink .


  • WTWizard

    Better to do your own work and find for yourself what the threats are.  Astrology is a good starting point.  Along with that, read up on the news and what is happening, beyond what is on your TV or in your lamestream newspapers.  Look at the rigged stock market.  Look at phony unemployment numbers.  Look at the distractions--who gives a fxxx about Deflate Gate when we have Dollar Gate and Silver Gate that are real issues.

    Problem is you are responsible.  You, and you alone, are responsible for getting through what is coming.  No joke-hova is going to protect you from the effects of the coming crash of the stock market or the dollar becoming toilet paper.  Look at what is happening.  Look at the planetary alignments and learn to use astrology.  That will guide you into what you need to do, and what is a waste of time to do, for what is coming.  Of course, it is too easy to take the lazy way out and let someone else "save" you.  The draconians, including joke-hova, will exploit this and enslave and damn those who are too lazy to do their own thinking.

    Sure beats being afraid and pleading with the alpha draconians to spare you when destruction comes.  Which never works.

  • prologos
    It is not a bomb shelter, it shows an American house above the Mason-Dixie line, All the ORG - idol worshippers in one place, to facilitate  rounding them up, suffocate them by burning those 2x10 joists above, one match could kill them all.  thanks wt! escape the trap. 
  • bobld

    Jehovah will give us lifesaving instructions (how by what means)

    "Inner rooms" (where are these) might well be connected with local congregations.

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