Do you ever find yourself singing old kingdom songs?

by MicStroz 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • galaxy7

    I always thought whoever put the music together for those (kingdom songs) had a tin ear

    didnt know how to play music and had no idea how to write lyrics.

    They are the most uninspiring songs I have ever heard

    give me the old rugged cross any day over anything they wrote

  • gespro

    This is a re-post from an earlier thread on this very same subject. I just had to do it... I'm sure this link will be very popular

    Go ahead. IF YOU DARE...

  • gumby

    Boy I hate to admit it........but ya.....I do.


  • Farkel

    got my forty homie,

    : One is From House to House from door to door Jehovahs word we preach........

    This is the only one swimming around in my head. It's driving me to insanity:


  • gespro


    I'm blown away! I'm LMAO over here! Impressive - yes! Manic? definitely! I can't believe what I heard!!!! LOL!

    Great Job


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    Double.....They sing just 2 songs at the memorial, Song 87 The Lords evening meal and one at the end....not 3, not ever. What Mmeorial and where did you go?

    Scooby.... I think you're right, there were only two songs. ... (maybe it just felt like three ) and one was "The Lords Evening Meal". It was a memorial here in Southern California. It started at 7pm. The speaker spoke until around 7:30p... he looked at his watch and said the sun had gone down. They passed the emblems, then he spoke again. It was over by 8:00pm. The meeting was ok, although I couldn't agree with what he said regarding 144,000 being a literal number.... his explanation didn't make sense. All in all, it wasn't a negative experience, just different - especially passing the communion where no one took the emblems (at least where I was sitting).

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