Do you ever find yourself singing old kingdom songs?

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  • RevMalk


    PS. That was my favorite song back then! lol

  • shera

    Nope I don't remember them but I do remember the songs I grew up with,from church and bible school.

  • Undecided

    Can't remember a single one. Probably would if someone played one on a piano. I did sing bass in a quartet with my brother and cousins 50 years ago at a wedding. Sounded OK back then, I guess. My grandma and aunt played the piano at the KH back then. My grandma played 60 years ago, but we didn't have a KH, just met in an upstairs room of a old lady who was a JW. I went past the old home a few weeks back, brought back some old memories of my family.

    Ken P.

  • got my forty homey?
    got my forty homey?

    Three songs sometimes enter my mind from the old pink songbook.

    One is From House to House from door to door Jehovahs word we preach........

    the other is We are Jehovahs Witnesses, which was like a marching song.

    The last one which was a assembly closer fav was We Thank You Jehovah

    Any one remember when the CO's would visit some would have the Sisters sing one line then the Brothers another line and the last line everybody sings! Makes me wish we had a little bouncing white ball to show us the words.

  • RevMalk

    ya, I remember that.


    Hey, I'll be in wallkill this weekend for Easter, wanna meet me at the farm? We can break into the chicken coops and paint easter eggs.

  • Purza

    Strangely enough -- I don't. I rarely ever think of them. Although when I went to the Memorial last year -- the music affected me the most. Strange. But I could probably still go to a meeting and sing a few songs without the book.

  • aunthill

    Only when I see the words posted here!

    I tried really hard not to look at any posts that had words, but, I glimpsed "From House to House" in got my forty's post and now it's running thru my head like a barefoot troll! Arrrrgggghhhh!!!

  • gitasatsangha

    Occasionally they play in my head, if that's what you mean. I always liked the music of "To God We Are Dedicated". I liked singing it in the conventions, but I didn't like most of the songs.

  • Thirdson

    A few days ago I caught myself humming God's Own Book - a Treasure, not the recent version but the old Christendom tune from the pink song book. It used to have a nice melody but the WTS deemed to have it rewritten because it wasn't a JW composed tune. Even as a faithful JW I used to quietly sing the old version because I much preferred it to the new version of the song.


  • prophecor

    Amazes me when I think of how those songs were such a huge part of my worship when there. Me and an elder-friend would often compete with each other in not "curbing our enthusiam"when singing the songs. I usually won.

    Now that the question has been presented, I know I'll be finding "Keep Your Eyes On The Prize" grafted into my memory banks when looking around inside my head.

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