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  • waiting

    Hey guys again:

    Speaking of being overly cautious and the reasoning behind it:

    A friend of mine (20 & not living at home for the past 2 yrs.) just told me that her mother, while visiting her, broke into her e-mail and read all the contents - then had the nerve to confront her with it (just usual boyfriends, school, etc.)

    The girl is a super Christian, so nothing deep.

    The mother also broke into her 2 17/18 year old daughters e-mail. Same reactions.

    Even though kids are straight, and pretty normal, considering their mother, this parent felt they had the right to know - to protect - her almost grown and grown girls.

    The girls were quite angry - as they should be.

    E mails are not sacred - as people are finding out.


    ps Mother and girls are Baptists - so this one can't be blamed on jw's. Nice change of pace!

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  • Pathofthorns

    Hey thanks Simon.

    Speaking of Friend, wouldn't that be an interesting add to my list. Feel free Friend to add me too. Waiting has the number. (lol)


  • SolidSender

    Path - no i havn't downloaded ICQ.

    I've got this thing with web sites that arn't idiot proof. If i have to think through stuff that the site should have already thought through for me i tend to give it the flick - that's how ICQ struck - too hard. I could be wrong.

    What is it anyway?

    Also if your in Canada i'm anywhere between 16 - 12 hours ahead of you eg. I'm writing this 7.34pm Monday 7th August, compare that with post time as dated above. Does ICQ still work under those conditions?SolidSender

    PS Waiting - do you need my contact numbers/details? it seems you have everyone elses?

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  • Roamingfeline

    You can tell a real computer geek by their ICQ#. LOL Icq is really very easy to use. It's been around for quite awhile. Not too hard to use, just follow the directions, SS!


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