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  • shamus

    Ahmen Avashi.

    "Beware of those whom come to you in sheeps clothing but are ravenous wolves ", or something like that.

    And if you think that they won't DA you you are sorely mistaken. These elders are doing what they think is right, but get some hard-cores on you and you're as good as gone.

    Remember, too, that I am just faded, like so many others. So am I apostate? Is using common sense apostate? Jehovahs Witnesses sure think so.

    They are about as much sheep as my ass is black, LOL!

    Look for signs of cults, and get yourself some reading material on cults. Witnesses are spelled out in there. People don't want answers; they want acceptance and half-truths.

    Unfortunately, due to family circumstances, etc it's hard to make a clean break from this obviously false and destructive "high-control-group" of "christians". Sounds like they are using double speak on you, and leaning on they're own understanding. Just wait until a hard-core gets on you and if you have the same "frank" conversation. They;'ll DA you faster than you can say bullshit.

  • AlanF

    Joysome, if someone could show you that the bible not only doesn't forbid blood transfusions, but in the Christian spirit of self-sacrifice actually seems to encourage it, would you change your mind?


  • Sassy

    Actually Alan, I could use that information. I am torn myself on the issue on what is right and wrong on the subject of blood. I told my boyfriend when we first got together if something happened to me that I didn't know if I wanted blood. He told me I better have a very good reason or he would not honor those wishes. I haven't taken the time to think about it too much because at first I was too confused from all the years of brainwashing I guess... but I do think some enlightenment might help me figure out how I need to stand on this.

    Blood saves lives.

    but sometimes it doesn't.. I had a close relative I loved (never a JW) who died only because of having a blood tranfusion. There was hepatitus in the blood and they didnt' catch it. She was only borderline for even needing it after surgery. She was a great loss..

  • shamus

    Blood is considered an organ; not a fluid by doctors. FACT. Although it acts like a fluid, it is an organ.

    Jehover was talking about drinking blood in animal rites, etc; probably never dreamed that people would take it literally.

    But oh, wait; now you can have parts of blood for treatment. Too bad for all those that bled to death due to blood disorders, and refusal of drugs that were taken from blood products.

    The bullshit keeps getting brighter and brighter; I wonder if you took all the different properties of blood in different forms if a dub could have a blood transfusion now.

    Oh, but they don't think of that.

  • Joker10

    Who knows how many people die BECAUSE of a blood transfusion.

  • willyloman
    I wonder if you took all the different properties of blood in different forms if a dub could have a blood transfusion now.

    Oh, but they don't think of that.

    Sure they did. What the hell do you think they're doing? This whole "fraction" business is a strategic slow drift away from an indefensible policy. You've heard of "whistling past the graveyard"? They're whistling past the courthouse, hoping they can get to the other side ( Future headline: "blood transfusions a conscience matter") without getting hurt financially.

  • shamus


    Nice vain comment. Why don't you try researching to find out.

    Oh wait: you want the troof to be right, LOL!

    Sorry; I don't do research for lazy Jehovahs Witnesses who are going to die at armageddon because they just posted at a demonized message board. Go find the answers yourself; here's a clue.

    Take all the peole who were saved by blood transfusions, and put a line above that number, then put down on top of that line how many died from blood transfusions. If you can't get a percentage from that, then go back to grade 9 math algebra and figure that out, LOL!

    If you have a question, try answering it yourself, rather than coming here making yourself appear any more obtuse.

  • toreador

    Avishai wrote:

    I knew the difference betwwen a 3,000 year old health regulation against eating blood,

    How do you view it as a health regulation?


  • jgnat

    Blood is a symbol of life for good reason. It carries life (oxygen) throughout our whole bodies. We die without it. Replacements only work in certain circumstances.

    How many cattle die when their jugular vein is cut? ALL OF THEM

    How many emergency patients would die if their jugular vein were cut, and they were given only fluid replacement? ALL OF THEM. That is why you won't find medical studies on this "alternative treatment". It would be unethical to kill off the control group.

    If I were facing a life-threatening loss of blood, I would take the #$%^@# transfusion, and worry about the faint possibility of catching HIV later.

    It has never been adequately explained to me by a JW, why I cannot voluntarily give my blood to another, as a free gift, to save their life. Isn't that what Jesus did?

  • lisaBObeesa
    If the need were to have come and your child or yourself needed blood you probably would have made the decision to not allow the transfusion. I would not judge you for it...that is your decision.

    sorry to jump in without reading all the posts...but I had to say:

    What if someone knew the blood teaching was wrong, and yet still let their child die?? Maybe just to save face or something. Then would you judge them?

    Because that is what the leaders of the WT Org are doing right now.

    Just like they did in the months before they came out and changed the ban an organ transplants that so many people DIED for. (They died for a rule, made up by MEN and it was for NOTHING.)

    They are just like the people and children who have and will die from the JW ban on blood. All for NOTHING. The men in charge of the Org already know it is wrong and are changing it little by little over time.

    I think we all should judge that.

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