Yesterday's WT slip up

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  • waton
    walk across chicago , FUJW once a day,

    how could you do it? easy, your shoes did not wear out for 40 years. (still not many jewish shoemakers) Maybe your peg did, but not the much used shoes.

  • smiddy3

    I thought the Israelites were slaves in Egypt ? How is it they left with all of this camping gear ,pots & pans,and all of this livestock with them ?

  • stuckinarut2

    EVERY aspect of this fairy tale is mind-numbing!

    How anyone can believe this "account" to be factual history is just preposterous!

  • jp1692

    It’s only a “slip-up” if you expect WT “theology” to be coherent, consistent, logical and/or make sense.

  • smiddy3

    According to the biblical account this desert wilderness that the Jews wandered around in for 40 years would have been one giant shit-hole of a place.

    What about all of the livestock that needed to crap , i`m sure they didn`t go to the outskirts of the camp with a stick ?

    And think about all of the urination that would have gone on ? between man and beast ?

  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    It seems to me that this thread has gone off the point a bit. How many, and in what year, the Israelites left Egypt, is an open question. The point is that according to David Splane, when the Israelites arrived in Egypt a couple of centuries earlier they were just ONE generation, at least, all those that were alive at any time during Joseph’s lifetime were. Now that they are leaving they are no longer one generation, but up to four. But if they are all contemporaries of Moses, why aren’t the just one generation? This is what happens when you twist one passage and forget to apply the same twisted logic to other passages – you ‘slip up’. The same slip up was made in this Watchtower, and no doubt there are many others.

  • sir82

    How would THAT work? Imagine having to walk across chicago or some other similar sized city far enough to get

    out of the city just so you could take a dump?

    LOL. Good thing they only had manna, and not bean burritos.

  • Cadellin

    A crowd of that size would have been impossible for that time frame. Max Roser (whose site is fascinating) estimates the entire world population at around 72 million and notes that growth was very slow, almost nonexistent, for much of human history. If there really WAS such a crowd leaving Egypt, they would have left a significant footprint in the Moab desert. Say, for example, the mortality rate was just 1% (that is a relatively modern mortality rate and likely would have been higher in ancient times but for the sake of argument...). That means 24,000 people died every year, or 2,000 average per month for forty years (not counting the regular mass wipe-outs by the loving God). Evidence of funeral pyres or other burials and remains would be striking, offering undeniable proof of the WT's assertion. Yet, as others have noted, nothing.

    Sorry, UA, you are right, we are off your point, which is a good one! Still, this was one of the facts that woke me up to the Bible's errancy/exaggeration and the Society's naivete.

  • redvip2000
    Imagine an 80 year old guy, without anything remotely resembling modern communication, directing the population of Chicago to, say, walk across the bed of Lake Michigan (let's just give him the miracle of splitting the water). If he's standing at Wrigley Field, how is he going to tell the people camped at Wilis Tower when to go - or even what direction to move?

    Why is this such an issue? After all, this is the same god that flew polar bears, monkeys, and pandas to the middle east to be stuffed in an ark. So we can conclude that "evidently" Moses had his voice amplified by the spirit of Jellohoba so that everybody could hear him. See? Watchtower logic 101.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The absolute folly is to take literally what the Bible says as being true.

    To recapitulate the argument:

    "Moses" complete with an Egyptian name was a fiction -- based on Akhenaten the reforming monotheist Egyptian ruler (actually henotheist) -- but re-written for a Semitic audience.

    So Moses never existed as the Bible portrays him, he is an elaborated cut and paste job from a real person.

    According to modern Israeli archaeologists, the Israelites were never in Egypt en masse.

    And because there are no Egyptian records to substantiate the captivity of Israel en masse in Egypt so there could never be an exodus.

    There is no evidence from other texts or archaeology to defend or prove an exodus from Egypt.

    Three million Israelites at 1513 BCE is laughable, when they never existed at all then (as I mentioned before on this thread, the first mention of Israel is 1200 BCE)


    The real gods of the world are writers -- I think that's the subtext of Jostien Gaarder's book Sophie's World.

    The writer has the power to expose the reader to ideas which might eloquently express the human condition and which some may want to take further and believe they are fundamental truths. The fools are those who take the written word literally or imagine it is sacred and then try endlessly to argue the details attempting to build a coherent picture from a fiction which does not exist in reality.

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