Just Offended A JW Cart Witness Without Even Trying

by pale.emperor 34 Replies latest jw experiences

  • punkofnice
    Then followed a monologue of how "the truthâ„¢" has changed his life and he could be earning money but instead he's living "the best life everâ„¢".

    Hahahah - typical WBT$ indoctrinated spin. We all know it's done nothing of the sort to the bloke. That was just delusionary cult recruitment lies.

    As for 'it was different in those days....'


  • pale.emperor

    The stoning to death of homosexuals, those who worked on Saturday, men who shaved their beards, those who planted two types of seed in the same field, slavery, oppression of women, genocide... but it was different back then.

    That sure told me!

  • cofty


    It's always funny when they get annoyed.

  • just fine
    just fine

    What a jerk!

    I don't see witnesses very often, but I would love to ask them about Lot. So after his wife was turned to salt. His daughters supposedly got him drunk and then had sex with him. After they answer with Jehovah allowed this blah blah. Then I want to ask if one of their members got drunk and had sex with two women what would happen? Would he be excused because he was drunk? Did Lot not realize that he was getting blitzed? Would the family be held up as an example?

    I travel for work, so waiting to run into them!

  • punkofnice
    it was different back then.

    whatever happened to the bloke in the sky that doesn't change? some scripture in Micah, I think.


    This woman would not stop talking.

    The man became offended and quite annoyed in his tone

    He shut down the conversation. The woman gave me the Bible Teach book


    They get to go home together, to the "Best Life Ever!"

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  • Crazyguy

    You said your an atheist, that's all it took. JWs think atheist are scum of the earth.

  • pale.emperor

    To be honest, i was expecting more of a debate. JWs seem to be really slipping with theology. No bible was brought out, they didnt ask me thought provoking questions.

    Were we that shit and just never noticed it at the time?

  • ToesUp

    You know how most JW men gotta keep the little woman in line. Lol

    Like Rutherford said..."a hank of hair and bag of bones." My husband and I joke about that saying all of the time.

    Ya just gotta laugh at them, they are sad. "Best Iife ever?" Standing around at a cart is the best life ever? Maybe if they keep repeating that, they will start believing it.


    To be honest, I was expecting more of a debate.....pale.emperor

    There was a debate, you weren`t included.

    JW's are only interested in talking to each other....LOL!!

    The woman interrupted and said it was different back then.

    The man told her "I was talking there, do you mind?" she backed away.

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