Do Any JW's Still Use/Trust the Reasoning Book?

by The Fall Guy 22 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Steel

    I always found the reasoning book to be.

    1. irrelevant old testament story

    2. irrelevant old testament story

    3. Quote something out of context.

    4. Massive theological leap.

    If you studying the bible on a strictly secular university level class and you tried to pass that stuff as actually thoughts of any substance, you would fail every time.

  • sir82

    The WTS has not encouraged the use of the Reasoning Book in field service, or anywhere for that matter, for at least 15 years.

    They used to go so far as to encourage people to whip it out and read to the householder directly from it.

    I don't ever recall seeing anyone actually do that.

    I never did - at most, I'd glance at it between doors if we were in, say, a predominantly Jewish or Hindu or [whatever] neighborhood to see what I was supposed to say.

    It always seemed to be such an embarrassing cop-out - "That's a good question, Mr. Householder, allow me to read to you what I'm apparently supposed to believe on that subject..."

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Yeah. All Dubs do when asked questions at those 'apathy carts' they say go to

    There was an awesome video on youtube that came out recently on the Jason Zelda channel. He explained that the Dubs can refer anybody there, to that site, because they can ''constantly change'' their pdf format digitally, but they can't do that to their ''hard copies'' in the past.

    They can change their ''doctrine'' without anyone noticing it, that is digitally. That's probably why the 'real' termination of the 'printing era'

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