Dear supporters of Russia's JW Ban:

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  • freemindfade

    Getting ban crazy is the slippery utopian slope of the SJW. Eventually, everyone and everything will be banned. Once it begins, no one is safe. Bans don't fix or stop shit EVER. Exposure and criticism are far more effective.

  • hybridous
    Freedom of religion stops at the point it treads on freedom from religion. And, everybody has that fundamental right too - to be free from religion. How do you satisfy both?

    While this is true, I am not seeing how it is relevant to the discussion. The Russian JWs aren't trying to use the state to coerce members of the public to be JWs, unless you mean the children. of JWs that are coerced into baptism (and the fallout that follows).

    I wonder if these issues could be addressed by simply prohibiting any minors from entering into a religious 'contract'. Since the JW Org is keen on childhood baptism in order to assert control, that alone could sap their major source of growth.

    How much suffering could be averted if everyone had to wait until 18 to commit?

  • OrphanCrow
    JW's take bans, and use it as fuel for propaganda like this:

    So what? Does that mean that everybody else should back down from asserting their right to be free from religion just because of what that religion will do next? Isn't that part of the problem? That the religion controls others by how they will behave when you say "no" to them? Isn't that a bit like a toddler throwing a tantrum hoping that mommy will still let them have their candy?

  • freemindfade

    Banning reinforces their persecution complex and pushed victims in further.

    Which do you think would help more victims escape watchtower? Russian ban? Or ARC coverage? If you really do care about the victims and not just hating the org, you want exposure not ban.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    First, let me say I hate the Watchtower religion. It deserves my hatred. A part of me is taking delight in the WT's bad fortune.

    However, an outright ban is a clumsy way of doing things. The WT higher-ups thrive on this, and will encourage the persecution complex and victimhood among rank & file JWs, if they need encouraging. Plus, a ban won't stop the religion - it will probably drive it underground, ensuring that the religion escapes criticism.

    The Russian gov is better off copying the ARC by going after the paedo, blood and shunning issues.

  • OrphanCrow

    Freemind, the problem is far more complex than that.

    Of course there will be people who cannot escape the cult, just like there are some women who never are able to escape the bonds of an abusive spouse. But...just saying, "let's educate those women and drop the laws that condemn the abuser", isn't a very socially responsible position to take.

    Both have to occur for a victim to "escape" - education and socially constructed laws that condemn the abuser.

  • Spoletta

    As soon as one group is banned, no matter how we disagree with their views, it leaves the door open to banning something we feel is important.

    When the ACLU protects the KKK's freedom of speech and right to assemble, it's protecting our rights at some time in the future. It may be disturbing, but it's part of what makes this country a better place to live than some others.

  • OrphanCrow
    LoveUni: The Russian gov is better off copying the ARC by going after the paedo, blood and shunning issues.

    I am not sure about the pedo issues, but Russia has already went after the WTS for exactly those things. I don't know why so many people think that this action being taken by Russian authorities has been just pulled out of their asses. It hasn't. Blood and shunning are issues that have been addressed in Russian courts on numerous occasions.

    This situation has built up over the past 3 decades. The WTS has insisted on pushing the Russian law concerning religious activity, constantly refusing to abide by the restrictions put on religious groups, refusing to change shunning and blood...and now this. The upcoming ban.

  • Steel

    I think the slippery slope arguement of not going after hate groups and family destroying cults is a paranoid American fantasy.

    Like having the right to have an elective abortion at 8 months or owning air to surface missiles. If we can't do or own things like this, what happens next. The queen of England might kick down my front door.

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