"would you drink a glass of water if it had just a tiny bit of poison in it?"

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  • rebel8

    Arsenic in water? We’re adapting

    Over 400 years ago, alchemist and physician Paracelsus said: “All substances are poisons; there is none that is not a poison. The right dose differentiates a poison from a remedy.”...Some years ago, a death occurred due to the overconsumption of carrots. People have died from drinking too much water (water intoxication). Too much oxygen (vital for life) results in cell damage and can lead to death (oxygen toxicity). Likewise, even for extremely toxic substances such as snake venom, there is a dose below which there is no detectable toxic effect. [source]

  • ShirleyW

    The Dubs think they're so clever with their sayings, well regarding this one the little bit of poison in the water is when they love bomb you when you start studying, once they got you and you're baptized then the "whole water system is poisoned" going along with their stupid, cutesie poopsie analogies.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    What ever has never changed, they say it is the basis of their faith. And when it does change, they say that it was a minor detail, irrelevant to their faith and that the base doesn't change.

  • carla

    On one hand they say,"would you drink a glass of water if it had just a tiny bit of poison in it?" yet, on the other hand they will often admit, "even if it's not the truth it is still the best way to live".

    In my mind they admit that they in fact will drink a glass with a tiny bit of poison by staying in the cult.

    If it's not the 'truth' or completely the truth then it must be false, or, spiritually endangerment, if you will. By admitting that some parts may not be 'truth' then they are admitting that they are teaching and promoting falsehood in re: to God. Wouldn't you think this would be a bigger deal to a true believer? to knowingly be teaching a falsehood about God?

    But then I don't think the average jw or watchtower follower (wf, as my friend likes to call them) really cares all that much about God, they care more about what men think and belonging to an exclusive club that hopefully will admit them entrance into their fictional paradise earth if they can just to enough to earn that privilege .

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Q.: Would you drink a glass of water if it had just a tiny bit of poison in it?

    Commentary: Oddly enough, many of the people who ask this question believe in homeopathic medicine, which teaches that very dilute poisons are remedies. If these homeopathic JWs were intellectually consistent, they would feel that the best cure for apostasy is "just a bit" of apostasy.

    Personally, because I understand some basic ideas of math and chemistry, I know that homeopathy is JUNK SCIENCE, developed before we knew that the world was built of atoms and molecules, not "vibrations."

  • doubtfull1799

    @Nathan Natas - Interestingly, the JW predilection for pseudo-scientific alternative medicine was one of the things that woke me up. I figured if MOST witnesses are willing to believe in that nonsense, perhaps their religious beliefs are also nonsense...

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