Are some of the long serving Bethel servants being given marching orders?

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  • carefullyread

    Does any one have any info on the treatment of long serving elderly Bethel servants who are retiring or virtually having to retire?

    With the closing & selling off of their properties & relocation's, what is happening to their elderly servants who cannot just move away & have lived at some of their JW accommodations for so long? Many of these servants have worked for very little financial rewards & I have heard some have no life savings or superannuation retirements payouts.

    Shouldn't the society be paying out a redundancy sum to them? The society has literally millions & millions in their coffers yet the society is a tax exempt organisation ! Are they not?

    Now these ones the society have let go will have to support themselves on welfare which I don't object to, but I don't know if this information that I heard is entirely correct.

    Can any one shed any light with info or links on this subject please, is there any truth in this info?

    Many thanks.

  • stillin

    I think that many have been asked whether they have family that they could fall back onto. There was a major thinning out of full-time Bethelites a couple of years ago and a move toward "traveling Bethelite," meaning you have your own home and you work at Bethel. I don't know any elderly ones who have been thrown out, personally. But I bet they could call themselves "Special Pioneers" if they left! Tempting them out.

  • nowwhat?

    They have a retirement home now

  • sir82

    The oldest of them are probably taken care of.

    It's the guys who are in their late 40's & 50's who always get the boot.

    It's a bad look to can people in their 60's & 70's, who are generally too old to work and probably didn't work enough in their pre-Bethel life to get much of a government pension.

    It looks less heartless to pitch a 50-ish couple on the street; they might conceivably be able to count on the mercy of some local brothers and get a menial job, thus avoiding the lowest poverty.

    Those in their 20's & 30's are generally safe; they have lots of energy the WTS can still burn up.

    In case you didn't realize: the WTS is primarily concerned about appearances and getting the most "bang for their buck".

  • RubaDub

    They have a retirement home now


    Is that the one in Allentown Pennsylvania that I have heard about?

    Rub a Dub

  • nowwhat?

    No they bought an apartment complex in new York turned it into a nursing home for the old and informed ones. Ill give them credit for that .

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    It's called the “Home for the Elderly and Reassigned”

  • freddo

    Here in UK it seems that the danger zone is 40 - 60 and those that have "issues".

    In our circuit I know of three couples kicked to the kerb last year.

    The oldest is a "nondescript" elder (mid 50's I'd guess) who has been a bethelite 25 years and his pleasant enough zealot wife (late 40's I'd guess) who were on "maintenance" (him) and "laundry" (her).

    He has a menial job (cleaning quelle surprise) with a local gangmaster brother who is known for being a harsh taskmaster and having a screw loose! She has a job doing admin. work in a Doctors' Surgery.

    Another couple is a mid 30's brother who was in transport and his "nervy" wife who was often sick with unfathomable illnesses - so they were obviously right for the chop.

    Then a couple about 40 where the wife was really only there to please him and do her duty but who hated the place.

    It seems if you are over 60 then they are shamed into keeping you and the keen under forties seem OK too - mind you, when Chelmsford luxury retirement complex is finished we'll get more booted I'm sure.

  • Vidiot

    @ freddo...

    Wasn't Chelmsford radically reduced in scope a couple years back?

    Seems to me that "retirement home" would be one of the first of the extras to get the axe.

  • Lynnie

    Yes some old bethelites do get to stay and actually are taken care of but I'd love to know how that is determined. My uber second cousin is at the compound in Warwick and apparently does take care of some of the older folks and some have dementia. But they haven't been kicked to the curb so I wonder who gets to stay and who doesn't?

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