Are some of the long serving Bethel servants being given marching orders?

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  • smiddy3

    nowwhat / ,MNIONC ,

    The apartment complex in NY turned into a nursing home called the "Home for The Elderly and Re-Assigned "

    My question is this.

    Is it operated and financed by the WTB&TS / Governing Body of Jehovah`s Witnesses ?


    Is it a separate and distinct enterprise financed and operated by a private group of Jehovah`s Witnesses with no legal connection to the WTB&TS. and not funded or endorsed by them ?

    or are they

    Something along the line with Jehovah Jirreh operated by Jehovah`s Witnesses but not endorsed or funded by the WTB&TS or the GB of Jehovah`s Witnesses.

  • hoser

    In canada some private care facilities are government subsidized. Maybe watchtower has a scam going on.

  • sir82

    I wonder who gets to stay and who doesn't?


    Will [couple X] materially benefit the WTS? Is it to the WTS' advantage for them to stay at Bethel?

    If [yes], they stay.

    If [no], they go.

    Really, nothing different than what takes place in the corporate world.

    The thing that stings, at least for the naive and/or stupid, is believing that "Jehovah's earthly organization" somehow is different than say Pepsi or FedEx or GM.

  • Vidiot
    hoser - "In canada some private care facilities are government subsidized. Maybe watchtower has a scam going on."


  • smiddy3

    Correction to my above post ,the aged care facility is called" Jah Jire" and it is run privately by Jehovah`s witnesses and in no way associated with the WTB&TS .

    Their home page states that it is firstly up to members of their families to provide care for them ,failing that members of the congregation (good luck with that ) and also to rely on Government support where applicable. and lastly their organization .

    It`s also interesting to note that such ones accepted into the aged care center is that they must be in good standing in the congregation and they are expected to attend all meetings and witnessing as to their capabilities.

    Apparently they have a few aged care homes throughout Europe and America.

    Maybe a lot of newbies and lurkers are not aware of this.

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