Did You Ever Luke ANY Songs From The “Songbook “?

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  • minimus

    I went on line looking for old JW songs and some of them were pretty good and some were just awful!

    Did you ever like any of those songs?

  • slimboyfat

    Yes, of course. You can’t beat lyrics like these, I was just singing this today:

    we must have the faith that the Bible does revive

    we must build such faith if God’s war we would survive

    do we have a faith accompanied by works

    this kind of faith preserves our souls alive

    we're not the shrinking sort God will destroy

    but we are the trusting sort God will employ

    thoigh ever so many foes against us arise

    faith in Jehovah we must exercise

  • jp1692

    I liked two:

    • Walking in Integrity
    • Make the Truth Your Own

    Coincidentally, "Integrity" was actually the first song I ever learned when I started "studying" with JWs. Years later when I started studying jazz I became convinced that "Integrity" is a complete rip-off of the jazz standard, Stella by Starlight. (PM me for details if your curious for more).

    I ended up becoming friends with the guy who wrote "MTTYO." He was something of a mentor to me when I was in the cult so I was surprised when he left it a few years before I did.

    We reconnected after I left and now we're all good again "Making TTATT our Own!"

  • millie210

    I liked the one they used to play at Memorial.

    Cant remember the name of it.

    It had the line

    "Because Jehovah created the universe so grand, to him belong the earth and sky, the works of his own hand,"

    It talked about the Israelites crossing through the sea and so on ,

    I thought it was pretty and kind of gave a timeline.

    Of course, they got rid of it.

    The songs now are so inane and people just kind of mumble and stumble along.

  • Drearyweather
    Of course, they got rid of it.

    No. That song is there in the new songbook. It song No 52, Christian Dedication


  • vienne

    Hymns of Millennial Dawn to Current songbook .... LUKE I AM your Father.

    Sorry, I couldn't resist.

  • millie210
    No. That song is there in the new songbook. It song No 52, Christian Dedication

    Does it still sound the same or did they bugger it all up like they did others?

    I would say I havent heard it in ages but then again I havent gone to meetings in ages so that would make its own kind of sense wouldnt it?

  • scratchme1010
    Did you ever like any of those songs?

    Yes, since I grew up hearing them and didn't know better. Now I find them cheesy.

  • fulano

    I hate and hated singing and I always felt like a retarded japanese karaoke singer.

  • SummerAngel

    Quite a few were blatant hymn rip offs, can't give examples been out too long. Pink songbook was better more recent have been awful. I also hate the way there is only 1 wedding song so you're stuck with it typical Borg 1 size fits all.

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