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  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Dear Skepsis.... Have you ever seen the movie "The Truman Show"? An insurance salesman/ adjuster discovers his life is just a TV show...

    Can you imagine? All the people around you are actors and actresses, playing a nonsensical game. Would you worry about "fading" out of the TV show? What value did your life have?

    What I like is what this guy did to escape "The Show"..... He didn't announce "I AM LEAVING" He faked everyone out, and escaped.

    When I was leaving, I said, "Hey, this all is worth nothing, it is a game, a made up game"..... So, to keep everyone off my back, and give me time.... I just started entering hours on my "Time Report"!

    If you want to "Keep pioneering", just write the hours in, and do something better with your time, and none will be the wiser!

    You will love your freedom, enjoy!

    Cha Ching!

    (PS, your english is very good, and Scratchme1010 & Magnum had some very good suggestions! Do not get married..... can you say "complicated"?)

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    @James Jack "Been in for over 35 years now and held every position that can be achieved by a male in this Organization"

    I knew it. You are Samuel Herd, you creep

  • never a jw
    never a jw


    As my name (never a JW) suggests, I am an outsider who knows your religion quite well. My JW brother introduced me to my JW wife of 22 years. I have attended hundreds of meetings and dozens of conventions. Quite often hosted and still host large JW groups at my home. But I am an outsider nonetheless. My only advantage is that I have been out of cults my whole life and I am thankful for that. The world of "worldly" people is full of opportunities to do whatever you want, become very rich or be the most charitable man. Jump into it as soon as you can so you can experience freedom, real freedom.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    2. Pressure from family, friends, brothers... They all expect me to continue doing things the same way I've been doing all these years.

    You are a number of years, you'll realize that people are not thinking about you and what you are doing, as much as you may think they are. They are more concerned about themselves. I don't mean that in a bad way, I just mean that people naturally think about their own responsibilities and what's going on in their own lives first and are somewhat interested in what you are doing.

    Most of their interest in you has to do with how what you do, affects them. They want you to stay the same as you are, so that they don't have to question what they are doing. Humans are creatures of habit. They often don't want to spend any of their energy on thinking about you and adjusting their idea of where you fit into their life and their routine. They want you to stay in the pigeon hole they've created for you . This isn't out of concern for's out of concern for their own comfort.

    Other than family, people come and go in your life and if you build your life around everyone else's wants, they'll move on and you'll be left wondering who's life you are living. My advice is to decide what you want for yourself and set a plan in motion to achieve it. There's no reason to cut anyone out of your life over this, however what other people think about your new direction should only be of mild and passing interest to you. You can politely thank them for their advice but offer no comment, apologies ,explanations or excuses to them about your personal decisions. You will see that once you own your decision, they will adjust quickly and will move on. Thankfully you did this to get through University (congratulations) . Imagine where you'd be today if you let pleasing others, stand in your way.

  • Giordano

    Welcome Skepsis! You have obviously touched many hearts on this forum. In one way or another all of us know exactly what you are going through. Most of the advice you received has been excellent including taking your time.

    I have been where you are now some fifty years ago. I was a pioneer where the need was great, I held three positions in our congregation. Gave my one hour public talk all over the circuit. Visited many times at the Brooklyn Bethel. Left the JW's after a 3 year search with my wife who had been my pioneer partner.

    The reasons we left was the blood doctrine which is responsible for 1000's of unnecessary death's each year. And Armageddon. When I realized that I was totally against those beliefs there was no reason to keep supporting the JW construct. Unlike you we had passed up higher education. So in the mid 1960's we faced a tumultuous time here in the USA. A lot of upheavals but it all worked out.

    The first couple of years were difficult we were a failure to our believing family, we had no real job skills, little education and no friends it took about 5 years to right our ship but by the time we turned thirty we had a life style and work and a bank account. We had a son who we raised without the JW influence.

    Eventually we had our own business doing something we loved. We made and continue to make new friends. They aren't worldy people.......... they are good people as we don't associate with bad people.

    We have both been volunteers for the last 20 years making the communities we live in a little better. Most of our friends come from the volunteers we have met and worked with.

    Now that we are nearing the end of our cycle of life leaving the JW's was the very best decision we ever made.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Skepsis, its hard to balance the rational understanding of real life with the fictional world of the Watchtower. In time reality will be the better choice. Some find it better to jump into a body of cold water, others just take their time and acclimate to it. You know yourself, do it at your own pace. Just know that no one in the organization is pivotal. Once one steps aside another steps in, no one misses you for long, trust me. Live your life and don't give all those precious years to the men in New York state.

  • prologos

    Wow skepsis, what a nice flowing piece by a non english mother tongue speaker. glad you realized the wt bureaucracy* destroying what should be a great personal "christian" experience. Hang in, free yourself, a great life is ahead.

    * from the french "eau" for water (like in truth) and cracy with a "z".

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