Is The Coronavirus As Bad As People Say In Your Opinion?

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  • LongHairGal


    You can say that again about food stores bustling.

    I was just in one supermarket and all the toilet tissue is gone. I grabbed two boxes of tissues. Bags of rice are gone and so are black beans. I’m SO glad I stocked up on these things months ago. I did get a large container of milk that I put in the freezer. I also got two large cans of coffee, snack foods, etc. because we may have to hunker down and I think I’ll stay in for the weekend.

  • Dagney

    I was advised by several people to listen to this podcast. I finally did this morning.

    I will listen to the scientists as to how bad this is, not to anybody's "hunches."

    I hope all of you and yours stay well.

  • minimus

    They had to close 3 local supermarkets last night in my area because of over capacity! They would allow 5 people at a time when 5 left.

  • LV101

    Good luck catching any objective news out there -- anywhere!! Hope this ends soon - crazy!

    Hoarders - no tissue, no hand sanitizer left on shelves. Do these morons realize others without these products are going to spread bacteria like never before! I keep extras but it will be another Russia diet for me (I lost about 15 lbs. and was few lbs underweight at time) food so bad but I'm not eating lentils, legumes, out of a can. Guess I'll be soaking/cleaning/cooking stored lentils 'round the clock.

    Somewhere on twitter there's a MIT genius who is stating different opinion - I'll try to google his name - I was rushing out of a business and didn't jot his name. He's about 4 degrees and is not following the herd mentality.

  • minimus

    My girl friend had a planned trip to Disney for Sunday. Not anymore.

  • Finkelstein

    Certainly governments are under pressure to act and they are using Wuhan as model for closing down the area.

    Once the numbers of affected flat lines and goes down they will ease up and calm will eventually be restored, this could take a few weeks though .

    Personally I'm pissed they closed down the NHL .

  • Simon
    Check the history/facts - when the SWINE (most have selective memory or never heard in the first place) PIG FLU broke out CNN never reported it as a main topic (2009). MEDIA didn't even make it front page - NY Times - joke! They were all protecting Obama! AFTER WARNINGS from the World Health Organization. ONE THOUSAND PEOPLE DIED in the US before the administration (Obama) paid any attention. 300,000 were hospitalized; 60 MILLION infected. 18 THOUSAND died in the United States under Obama (PIG FLU/SWINE FLU).
    40 People have died to date -- none under 50 yrs. old - that's still too many but why would we believe the fear or anything fake news says NOW!! The level of panic is unreal - wrecking the economy. I don't - I take all flus/yearly outbreaks seriously -- their tract record is mob driven.

    It's incredible that you post the counter argument to your own, well, can't really call it an 'argument' ... it's just drivel.

    The Coronavirus potential is that it will kill many many more than SARS, MERS, Swine Flu and of course, regular Flu

    You are making the mistake of comparing total known deaths of the Flu with deaths so far from a new pandemic. Does it not count until it kills as many as the regular flu and then becomes critical?

    Tip: Don't post this shit again, get a clue.

  • Simon

    There's no question it's bad - otherwise there wouldn't be thousands of people dying, everything being shut down, all sports being cancelled and the stock-market tanking.

    There's zero point in this topic other than to allow the mis-informed and idiotic to spread misinformation and conspiracy theories.

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