Is The Coronavirus As Bad As People Say In Your Opinion?

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  • minimus

    Everything is closing. Food stores are bustling! No one can gather in big groups.

    If you get this virus do you think you will get very very sick and possibly die?

    Do you think this is blown way out of proportion??

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Overblown. But .gov may well know things they dont want to admit.

    On the other hand .gov is always willing to screw things down to gain more control.

    Until we personally know someone with it.or get ourselves we have no way to gauge

  • JimmyYoung

    This is getting so over blown its crazy. Precautions sure, Don't go in crowds, don't shake hands ect wash hands don't touch face and the rest. But many people are reporting they had only symptoms of a light cold and got over it. Total 41 deaths in USA. And most of those 77% are from a nursing home in Washington state. Also driving the panic is the leftist press. They are so desperate to bring down Trump they are using this as a hysteria panic to try to blame it all on Trump. Its mostly BS. Its is serious. So is the seasonal flu. But the reaction to this is getting just stupid.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    It appears (so far) that the elderly are the most vulnerable in society - especially if they have other health issues which will put them at greater risk. Also, people whose immune system is currently weakened (for whatever reason) really need to take heed of all the health warnings being given, as well as avoiding larger crowds.

    For everyone else - Tom Hanks included - it has similarities to a 'flu virus.

  • JimmyYoung

    People who are vulnerable to Pneumonia and or have heart issues are the ones who are susceptible to serious complications.

  • jamiebowers

    This video explains why there are shutdowns. Basically it is to slow the spread of the virus so that people who get dangerously sick will have adequate health care and avoid the overcrowding and lack of medical resources that China and Italy experienced.

  • Wakanda

    I'm not worried for myself or family. I just don't want to be responsible for killing an older person. It is bad for older people, or those with complex health issues especially heart or lung. Also, the health system can't handle lots of people getting sick. For that reason, we are taking precautions.

    There is some really bad math out there trying to make it look like a nothing burger. Like comparing the deaths in the first couple weeks of this thing to a years worth of deaths from the flu and it's complications. That was Eric Berg, DC. Also, I saw a 'Dr" who compared the so called overall 1% death rate to the 1% chance of death over a year for a person who is 65 and said coronavirus is the same. Uh, no it is not. For 65 year olds it is much higher than 1%, plus what about spreading it to some 90 year old grandma who's chances are much worse? Are they throw away now?

  • Simon

    No, it's much worse. The guy who discovered Ebola says this is way worse.

  • LV101

    NO -- the tests will show who has it - many have no symptoms and it will never tell us just how many have had it and SURVIVED this cold virus.

    Check the history/facts - when the SWINE (most have selective memory or never heard in the first place) PIG FLU broke out CNN never reported it as a main topic (2009). MEDIA didn't even make it front page - NY Times - joke! They were all protecting Obama! AFTER WARNINGS from the World Health Organization. ONE THOUSAND PEOPLE DIED in the US before the administration (Obama) paid any attention. 300,000 were hospitalized; 60 MILLION infected. 18 THOUSAND died in the United States under Obama (PIG FLU/SWINE FLU).

    40 People have died to date -- none under 50 yrs. old - that's still too many but why would we believe the fear or anything fake news says NOW!! The level of panic is unreal - wrecking the economy. I don't - I take all flus/yearly outbreaks seriously -- their tract record is mob driven.

    Amazing how many people die of yearly influenza (and there are thousands here in the US like auto accidents) and no big deal because it's 'all factored in'.

    Worldwide there's approximately 137,000 cases of the COVID 19; 81,000 are in China; 15,000 Italy; 11,000 Iran; 8,000 S. Korea per John Hopkins. US: 1,268 - 40 Deaths. 2010 there were 18,000 deaths in United States with Swine flu.

    I'm not saying throw out your hand soap, stored beans (I'd rather starve) or chocolate, etc., etc. and NOT be cautious -- but really! This is authoritarian management for power/control and nothing new

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