2 elders just came to my door. I smiled and told them no.

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  • schnell

    Now an elder and a ministerial servant came to my door.

    It's funny. One of the elders yesterday and this elder today both dealt with my brother's case where his wife divorced him and got baptized while divorcing him (and while celebrating holidays). They know they screwed up, and they are coming to my door.

    Yeah, hey. Ya screwed up. You're not coming into my home and we are not having a conversation.

    They do this one more time and I am calling the police for harassment.

  • flipper
    SCHNELL - Thanks for the you tube. I agree most definitely- JW pedophiles should NEVER be allowed to go out in service in my opinion, alone or with somebody else. It's disgusting that this JW pedophile tried to PM your wife on Facebook - that's good that you stood up to him and made your position clear and to protect your wife. These pedophiles are predators and anything that can be done to expose them like the you tube on Cedars site is a noble and good thing to do. Good luck to you in your post-JW life my friend ! Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper
  • schnell

    Thank you so much for the encouragement, Flipper! 😉

  • LongHairGal


    Elders coming to people's doors to "encourage" them is really deceptive. They are really coming to interrogate somebody but they are trying to pretend it's on a friendly level. They are also on somebody else's turf so they have to pretend it's all about being friendly.

    Maybe other "friends" in the hall might try to be encouraging, but it's different when the elders do it.

    Elders coming to somebody's door is never about being friendly. They want to know where your head is really "at", so they will know how to deal with you. Bottom line: are you friend or foe?..Are you stumbled over a personal problem OR do you know something damaging?

    I hope not too many people on the forum are fooled about the B.S. term of elders calling to be "encouraging".

  • schnell

    Thank you, LongHairGal. I'm so glad I came to this site and learned all that I have.

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