2 elders just came to my door. I smiled and told them no.

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  • schnell

    Not playing their game, as I've learned here. They came to my door to find me with a full beard and a Nightmare Before Christmas hoody, playing a video game where the characters "do not act according to Bible principles", and I happily answered the door.

    I simply smiled and told them no when they asked if I have a minute. He asked if I have more than a minute, with a laugh as if he's desperate to put his foot in the door. I smiled and said no not right now, and they said to just let them know when I need some encouragement. They kinda hung their heads a little. I guess service wasn't that productive today.

    You guys are acting like an overly attached girlfriend. Don't act like an overly attached girlfriend.

  • Daniel1555

    Well done

  • mrquik

    LMAS !!!!! Good for you.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Well hey at least they were cool and didn't try to guilt you or anything. Call us if you need some encouragement........that is about as easy as you can get it. Good job!

  • schnell

    Thank you!

    @problemaddict 2, yeah what's the deal with that line? I guess, I *should* be weak and depressed without the Watchtower cult, and so I should call them when I realize as much? I don't understand.

    Freaking Braveheart is more encouraging than anything they have to say.

  • redpilltwice
    I simply smiled and told them no

  • schnell

    Cool. I respect them just fine. And they respected me enough to leave.

  • stuckinarut2

    "Thanks, but I am doing well actually. I don't need any encouragement. I am not feeling "down". Have a great day"

  • blondie

    Last time 2 elders dropped by

    Them: we came to encourage you....

    Husband: we don't need any encouragement, bye, call first next time.

    Them: sticks foot into opening of door as husband shuts door, barely gets it out.

    That elder shouts: Are you saying that the WTS is not God's organization.

    Husband: No, you said it.

    No more visits, we are not df'd or da'd and jws talk to us and smile.

  • schnell

    I was polite enough. But if you give them an inch, they'll take a mile, and they've taken enough miles off of my life already. So they asked if I had a minute and I answered the question.

    Edit: Oh. Cool. A known pedophile just came to my door. Sent him home too. What's going on today?

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