Antibiotics for a virus? And what's a sure-fire fix for nausea?

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  • somebodylovesme

    I am having the most miserable weekend.

    It started Thursday with a nasty cough. Friday morning, I felt like crap and was coughing up crap so I went to the doctor. He told me I have bronchitis (yayyy) and prescribed both an antibiotic and a cough syrup with codeine (that puts me to sleep).

    So, I came home and got online and looked up information on bronchitis. I found on numerous pages that it is almost always a virus and that antibiotics do nothing to help it. greeeeaaaaat. Anyone know anything about this? Isn't taking antibiotics unnecessarily bad for you because you can build up a resistance?

    Of course, I am also insanely nauseous . I don't know how this fits in with bronchitis, but I can't keep anything down - not even the antibiotics. (Hell, not even water today!) So they're definitely not doing any good nor any harm, I guess. But I'm completely miserable. I've puked three times today... the third time was sparked by a sip of soda. This is not good. I'm starting to wonder if I have the flu on top of bronchitis, or if I'm allergic to the medicine, or what the heck is going on.

    I know a message board is not the best place to seek medical advice. I plan on calling the doctor tomorrow (dang doctors with no weekend hours!) and asking what to do. But in the mean time... anyone know any ways to combat nausea? As I am sitting here, I feel like I might need to run and worship the porcelaine god once again...


  • SpunkyChick

    It might be your antibiotics making you nauseated. I know it felt like I had an ulcer burning a whole through my stomach and I was puking my brains out a few years back when I got strep throat and was perscribed eurthromician (sp). I'd defintely call your doc and tell him/her about your side effects...or since they're not open today...I'd call your pharmacist.

  • somebodylovesme

    Thanks. That makes sense... I have a pretty sensitive stomach anyway, so that could be it. I am a university student and my pharmacy is part of the school - it is not open on weekends, either. :( But first thing tomorrow, you can bet I'm calling....

  • avishai

    Anti biotics DO NOT work for a virus. However, there are some great new anti-virals out, tamiflu for one. There are also some good anti nausea meds out, also there is a good accupressure point mid wrist, right below your palm, there are bracelets you can get to put pressure on this spot, it works pretty well!

  • somebodylovesme


    Where on the wrist? Directly below the heel of the hand? Or further down the arm? I had heard of that before but wasn't sure where the point was...

  • FairGame


    It would be just below the palm. Think of it as the point a bracelet (sp) would hit. It does wonders to allieve know what I mean. LMAO

  • somebodylovesme

    Thanks... It isn't working for me so far, but I will keep squeezing. lol. Distracts me, if nothing else!

  • jgnat

    You're pregnant.

  • Elsewhere

    Sometimes a Dr. will give you antibiotics to prevent a secondary bacterial infection.

  • betweenworlds

    So sorry you are ill :( Nausea is the worst! I find for me that Meclizine works really well to help quell it. You find it in the travel sickness section at the drugstore. I know for sure that CVS carries it. Hope you feel better very soon.


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