coming back as a jw

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  • galaxy7

    I was raised a Jw from birth <When I left home at 18 I tried to put the Jw faith behind me.

    I reciently fell in love with and married a JW its been almost a year.

    Though he is a very caring person his religion is very important to him.

    He knows how I feel but is hoping to pursuade me to come back.

    So as marriage is a compromise I have agreed to a study and I go to the odd meeting.

    My children are raised and gone and none are witnesses so the kids dont come into it

    If I had young children I would not have married a JW as I remember my childhood to well.

    Sometimes we get into some heated discussions on religion and as much as he is trying to get me in I am trying to get him out.

    However if you put everything into perspective and dont take everything so serious it should be ok.

    Still remember it is very hard on the children and can have life long effects

    Take care and good luck

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