Great Dinner Last Night In Seattle!

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  • seattleniceguy

    Ha ha, yeah, karaoke was a blast. Doodle-v unleashed an awesome Tina Turner. Blueeyes' Jimmy Buffet was a force to be reckoned with. And MaybesBabies sang some great Bob Dylan, to which Buddha lent his support before resting his eyes for the remainder of the evening, the tuckered-out deity that he was.

    Just as a standing invite, anyone who wants to do karaoke in Seattle, PM me anytime. :)


  • Gollum

    Just wanted to add my voice to the chorus expressing appreciation to Gretchen for organizing this, and BTW Gretchen, I still think we are shirt tail relations. I will quiz my mother in regards to our convoluted family tree (though I probably won?t mention the circumstances <grin>)

    I really had a great time, and look forward to seeing you all again soon. I hope to make the St Patty?s day bash, as well as having some of you rescue me from the giant squid that keeps trying to eat me every time I go diving.

    I would probably prefer any picture of me not be posted, but that has more to do with frightening young children than anything else.

    Gollum, the whimpy weasel fish eating guy, not the big clay thing made for pounding people on the head guy. Sigh

  • codeblue

    Gollum: Hey, I would enjoy reading your comment? Can you try to repost it?

    It was great meeting you last night.


  • Gollum


    Yep, it vanished on me, then I was interrupted by somebody actually wanting me to do something! The nerve of some people. It was great meeting you and Mr. codeblue and I hope we stay in contact.


    I am so glad I didn't show up at that bar. I was told that it was Karoke free, and if I would have discovered otherwise, I would have had to go on a rampage. "Hulk no like Karoke. Hulk think Karoke humiliating"



    If any of you miss me, you can make a Golem in the comfort of your own home. This website has all of the instructions and ingredients, plus a useful faq.

  • codeblue

    Hey Bikerchick:

    Yes, it would be great to see you and Onacruise at Doodle's next month!

    Also, Bisous, and Odrade and hubby!!!! (plus other Oregon posters)

    Maybe if we aren't at a restaurant, without urgins to get out of it, we can really all get to visit...


  • Odrade

    We had a great time too. Well worth the drive! Kate, no way am I gonna try and top that one. I'll leave that to doodle! I'm so not that bold. Well I am, but not if I'm buyin' HA! Nice to finally meet some of our Washington neighbors.


  • bikerchic
    Kate, no way am I gonna try and top that one. I'll leave that to doodle! I'm so not that bold. Well I am, but not if I'm buyin'

    aaaaaaahhhhhhh chicken!

    codeblue we'll do our bestest to be there.


  • onacruse

    karaoke? Gawd, that's just the kind of stuff that blueyes is always trying to drag us into...(makes note to self: put pepper powder into his blankets, next time he stays over )

    Did I tell y'all about the Korean restaurant he took us to? LOLOL

  • Carmel

    Sorry I missed all you guys but it couldn't work out this time. Hopefully, on St. Patties. Unfortunately, it comes during our major budget cycle and will be a last minute decision..


  • Valis

    cool...glad everyone had a good time!


    District Overbeer

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