Money and career tips for EX-JWs....

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  • logansrun


    Yes, you really did misunderstand my thread. Somewhere between scraping by and getting rich is what I'm talking about.

    Good points so far from everyone else.


  • flower

    My advice to the younguns today would be definately go to school and get a degree, learn how to save money, and take care of your credit.

  • larc

    I have one comment regarding IRA's. I would do a lot of research on no load mutual funds. Look at their 10 year record, and send for some literature for several of them. The performance of all mutual funds is published once a year in Money magazine. I prefer the group of funds, known as Growth - Income funds. Personaly, I would not go to an insurance agent for advice. They are there to sell their products, and may be biased in their advice, since a commission is involved.

  • Dawn
    If the person you are asking is not rich then why listen to them?

    How do you know I'm not rich?

  • freedom96

    My advice to is find something you think you might enjoy doing, and meet people who do that. As mentioned earlier, finding a mentor will help, but be careful. The mentor might think you want their position.

    Also, look at the lifestyle of the person who does what you want to do. Do they live like you would like to live? Don't confuse yourself into thinking things will be different for you. They won't.

    Most people spend more time planning their two week vacation than they do a career. Sad, but very true.

  • Galimo

    umm... lets just put it this way:

    anyone with a spare 100k (or more lol) feel free to donate it to _me_


  • Nadsam

    As an ex bethalite/pioneer who was perpetually broke, drove a crappy car.....take this advice to heart: exJW & MBA = 100K +

  • got my forty homey?
    got my forty homey?

    When it comes to money my advice is always be content with what you have. I have found the more things you have the less happier you are. When my wife and I first got married we had nothing, yet we spent quality time with each other, took the subway to dates, etc. Now, with two cars, a house, good paying jobs we hardly see each other and sometimes are like passing strangers in the night.

    When it some to education I always tell young ones GO TO SCHOOL. Without a education in this society you are nothing, you will end up with a lousy job and no career.

  • Eyebrow2

    Not all JWs feel that way...especially the last 10 or 15 years.

    When I was an insurance agent, (when I was a JW) I also sold mutual funds and annuities...I was pleasantly surprised to find out how many JWs in my congregation had actually been setting money aside in retirement accounts, and bother to buy life insurance.

    These were usually the more well educated witnesses..but I don't necessarily means college educated, although some had completed some college before becoming witnesses. Some of them had commented to me that their parents thought that they would not ever get old, so didnt bother with retirement accounts, etc, and they didn't want to have to depend on their kids for financial support like their parents were. They didn't see it as a lack of faith, just using the resources they had to be prepared.

    But of course, this kind of stuff wasn't brought up at the hall hahah.....

    My mother did want she could to encourage me to get good grades in school...she said she would be proud of me if I wanted to be a missionary, pioneer, or go to college, as long as I didn't let myself stray from Jehovah...and she invested some money at one point too after she sold her house....

    I think things are definately changing in that area, and some congregations push that line a lot more than others.


  • herk
    The real panic doesn't set in 'till mid-50's or so, and it's not pretty. It's really sad. That's not where you want to be.

    Amen to that. I left JWs at age 58 after spending 40 years in full-time service. When I left, I was deep in debt, and now at age 68 I'm still working at tough jobs that sometimes amount to hard labour in order to pay my bills. It's no picnic, but I'm grateful I still have good health and a strong back and a fairly good mind. When I left, I knew others in full-time service who wanted to leave too, but they considered the consequences of starting life all over in old age with hardly a penny to your name. Still, despite the hardships, I consider the freedom from the WT to be well worth it.


    PS: If anybody has some ideas on how an old man can make good money, let me know. I've got experience working in an office as a general clerk. I've got some experience in building websites. I've been a city tour guide, and I don't do too bad at public speaking. After I left JWs, I even served as a pastor for two years at a church that was desperate for a preacher. I had to move on once they found somebody who had gone to their denominational seminary. I've also done plenty of manual labour, such as I'm doing now for a shop that makes paint shop filters. I don't mind working hard, and it doesn't matter what shift. Right now I'm getting about $8.00 (US) an hour, but I could use more. I'm not begging, but I tho't there'd be no harm in mentioning this in a thread like this one.

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