Where were you when you decided to quit being a JW?

by Steve Lowry 40 Replies latest jw friends

  • aunthill

    For years I felt so unworthy - that I wasn't "good enough" and would never "qualify" for surviving Armageddon. Also, I would think "what if this is all a big cosmic joke?" Not to mention the many things that I disagreed with the Society on. The thing that sent me over the edge, was a combination: The WT's refusal to acknowledge that any "new" partakers at the Memorial might actually be of the heavenly class, and their interpretation of the "eleventh hour workers" in one of the books published around 1990 - 1992. It (the interpretation) was so far fetched and totally inapplicable as far as the scripture was concerned, that I was livid. I finally faced the fact that they were just a bunch of old men more concerned with maintaining the status quo and their comfortable lifestyle, than in the welfare of the people they were supposed to have under their care and DA'd myself in 1994.

    Not to mention the "love" that was shown me by the congregation overseers, when I was ill or discouraged.


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